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Last Updated: Dec 31st, 2010 - 09:48:41 
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Madam, You Have Lost All Credibility in Sierra Leone (We Reproduce Sama Banya’s Article)
For those, (especially members of the Donor & International Community) who were not here in 2007, the article by Dr. Sama Banya should, rightfully so, shock you. These revealed depths of dishonesty and fraudulent actions of Dr. Christiana Thorpe are just a tip of the iceberg. More revelations are coming about this Criminally-Minded and Dishonest Woman throughout this whole week! What is of essence today is that after the following article of Sama Banya’s was published on December 3rd 2007, we were to learn Dr. Christiana Thorpe’s NEC ordered for their NEC Website to be totally wiped out with all its data. The website itself was deleted from the Internet! This is the woman that some unscrupulous and/or misguided Sierra Leoneans are hailing as a heroine...
Sep 28, 2010, 17:48

Kailahun Court Barray Logic – Another Rejoinder
Mohamed Sankoh (One Drop) and I go back along the journalism pathways some 5 odd years. He was first brought to my attention by my Editor, Sayoh Kamara when we were setting up the Awareness Times in July 2005. Sayoh had described him as a very intelligent proof-reader so I had conducted an informal, semi-interview with Sankoh back then after which I told Sayoh that I did not have a good feeling about Mohamed Sankoh working for me. That was the end of that proposal. Fast forward to 2009 and Mohamed Sankoh commences to edit Presidential Press Secretary’s Torchlight Newspaper which newspaper had made it a hobby to write about Sylvia Blyden inside every edition. They thought that was the best way for them to help President Koroma.
Sep 27, 2010, 12:13

Between Nigeria and Sierra Leone
There exists a great amount of historical tie between Nigeria and Sierra Leone that would be difficult to be divested every time the relationship between the two countries is mentioned. As Nigeria’s 50th jubilee independence anniversary is around the corner, it is expedient to reflect on some of the areas and factors that bind the people of these two great nations together. Just like the incumbent Sierra Leonean High Commissioner to Nigeria, HE Henry Olufemi Macauley, said last year while celebrating Sierra Leone’s 49th independence anniversary, Sierra Leone and Nigeria share a strong bond of intermarriages, kinship and friendship at various levels of interaction.
Sep 27, 2010, 12:02

Zainab Hawa Bangura, Madam Minister, You are So Despicable!
Sierra Leone’s Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Madam Zainab Hawa Bangura is the most despicable of H.E. President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma’s ministers. She enjoys receiving accolades for work done by others, especially by other ministries. And with no shame on her face, she will gloat over the outcome of other people’s hard work as if they were her achievements; not even giving credit to members of her staff. Just listen to her recent BBC documentary she sought out to promote herself in. Almost every other sentence in her documented “achievements” was ‘I have done this’ and ‘I have done that’. She even included ‘I have cleaned the stinking toilets of Sierra Leone!’
Sep 24, 2010, 15:15

Sierra Leone's Uncouth Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura Gets Reaction from Civil Servants if that justifies her continuous attempts to hide her personal insecurities, uncouth manners and lack of self-confidence via the use of abrasive intimidation of the like she displayed towards her staff over the BBC Broadcast. Well, it seems that just as she thinks little of senior Government civil servants so also do they reciprocate towards her in like manner. She is the brunt of jokes of many Sierra Leoneans (both in and out of the civil service) who have long ago seen through her severe insecurity issues, inferiority complex and self-confidence deficit.
Sep 23, 2010, 22:17

Embarrassing President Koroma Beyond The Limit (CULLED FROM SENATOR NEWSPAPER OF FREETOWN)
President Koroma cannot but feel ashamed now that almost everyone that matters would have known by now that what was published in the so-called Newstime Africa was simply garbage. At best, it is the figment of Ahmed Kamara’s imagination and at worst a stark outright lie; and bringing the name of Sylvia Blyden into his muddle just made matters worse, because Ahmed might not have known that Sylvia Blyden eats, drinks, sleeps and walks INTEGRITY; unlike a good number in President Koroma’s government. So if someone uses her name to tell lies, then you can be assured she would not rest until she has made it categorically clear that she was/is not party to whatever lies are being bandied about for selfish reasons. Next time, Mr. Ahmed Kamara would know better.
Sep 23, 2010, 10:30

CROOKED THINKING AGAIN - Dr. Sama Banya weighs into issue of APC Propaganda Stunts
Before I get to the subject matter of crooked thinking let me call the attention of readers to yet another act of desperation of the ruling APC. Everyone one is aware of Sylvia Blyden as a very successful and fearless publisher of a very popular newspaper the Awareness Times. Sylvia is fearfully independent but a fair publisher who at the same time does not suffer fools gladly. In the past she has shamelessly been vilified by the official APC mouthpieces and accused of being a member of the SLPP. No one has ever responded to her challenge for evidence that she is SLPP.
Sep 22, 2010, 17:22

What Will It Take to Achieve The Millennium Development Goals?
For those living in poverty, the Millennium Development Goals have never been abstract or aspirational targets. They have offered a pathway to a better life —a life with access to adequate food and income; to basic education and health services; to clean water and sanitation; and to empowerment for women. Put simply, achieving the MDGs is about a better life for billions of people. The Goals can be achieved, and there is a range of tried and tested policies which, adapted to national contexts, can ensure progress on them.
Sep 17, 2010, 17:10

Sierra Leone: Human Rights are Key to Achieving MDGs
Hawa went into labour on the evening of 18 March 2008 in a rural village in Koinadugu District in northern Sierra Leone. She went to the local health clinic to give birth, but there were serious complications. The local health worker advised her to go to Kabala hospital, a little more than 10 miles away, where more advanced care was available. But there were more problems. The health centre had no vehicle and no phone or radio to call for one, so it was up to Hawa to find her way there. Her family immediately began collecting money to pay for transport and looking for a means to get her to the hospital.
Sep 17, 2010, 17:08

Three Years of Political Controversy Under President Koroma
Politically, President Ernest Bai Koroma assumed power in 2007 in controversy and he has since been ruling controversially. This is why he has been fighting desperately for recognition beyond his ethnic and party constituencies in the past three years. The extent to which he has succeeded in building his clout as a leader of national character, as his predecessor Ahmad Tejan Kabbah once was, is still much to be desired. The presidential election results which Christiana Thorpe proclaimed on September 17 2010 that Koroma had won were announced in the middle outrage and resignation of two of the country’s four regional election commissioners (50%) which was controversial.
Sep 17, 2010, 17:06

Ernest Bai Koroma: A President Of “Firsts” in Sierra Leone
It is quite amazing how the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is hyper-desperate to claim ownership of projects which are now being done by the Koroma administration. The question, as I see it, which sensible citizens should now be asking is this: if the SLPP had initiated or completed all these projects then why did the people of Sierra Leone asked for regime change in 2007? Sierra Leone is not a nation of sheep. For a group of people to be now arguing or claiming that they left Bumbuna 90% complete; that they were making the roads nationwide; that they had improved on agriculture; that they had improved on education, and that they had done all the things which the Koroma administration has now done means that they are subtly accusing majority of Sierra Leoneans who voted in President Koroma of ingratitude.
Sep 17, 2010, 17:04

Ernest Bai Koroma 'Turns the Economy Around' in Sierra Leone
SEPTEMBER 17 ON THE DOT: Exactly three years ago today, newly sworn-in President Ernest Bai Koroma promised to turn Sierra Leone’s economy around in 36 months. Right on target, he has succeeded in turning it around. But not for the better! The results are for everyone to feel - escalating price hikes with a rapid decline in earned local currency power to purchase basic needs. There has been an accelerated decline in real incomes which now amounts to heightening costs of living and steep slump in living standards.
Sep 17, 2010, 17:02

President Koroma’s Three years has been a mere ‘Vuvuzela’ Noise in Sierra Leone
The Vuvuzela is a plastic instrument used and popularized by South Africans to give pomp and fanfare to their sporting activities mostly football, as epitomized during the recently concluded World Cup Tournament held in South Africa-the first on the African Continent. It is deafeningly noisy with form of anachronism and concordance. Noises from vuvuzelas are discordant, inordinate and have no musical rhythm that can be of interest to the heart and soul. This instrument however, is now synonymous to football as it has been sold to almost every part of the globe and indeed it is now part of us in Sierra Leone, thanks to Zain one of Sierra Leone’s mobile companies.
Sep 17, 2010, 16:24

Mustapha M.K. Sesay is Still SLAJ Secretary-General and Not Under Any Form of Suspension
Extracts from Statement by Mustapha M.K. Sesay, National Secretary General, SLAJ delivered at Sierra Leone Labour Congress Freetown, September 4, 2010: Colleague SLAJ and potential SLAJ members, other media practitioners and concerned parties present here, all protocols observed as I welcome you to this important Press Conference and Interactive Media Session on the SLAJ National Constitution, as a means of broadening your horizon on SLAJ and other related matters.
Sep 8, 2010, 17:04

Well Done Leone Stars And Thanks To Hon. Vp Sam Sumana!
I am in a celebratory mood like the millions of Sierra Leoneans back home and in the diaspora after our heroes and Darling Leone Stars shocked us all and held The Pharaohs of Egypt to a 1-1 draw. I belong to a Sierra Leone Internet Forum called Leonenet and it is one forum with different interests, mostly over political issues, but today if ever the great quote from Nelson Mandela was affirmed that “ Sports has the power to unite a people” , it happened on this forum.
Sep 7, 2010, 17:16

National Reporters Condemn Magistrate Shyllon’s Threats
The Sierra Leone Reporters Union is unhappy to learn that the Presiding Magistrate of Court No. 3 Magistrate Shyllon has used his authority to issue threatening remarks vowing to send a practicing journalist, Arthwa Maddie of For Di People Newspaper, to prison for eight (8) days, if he sets eyes on him in the vicinity of the court. The threatening remarks came as a result of a story published by For Di People Newspaper on August 18, about a rape case during which Magistrate Shyllon ordered Constable 781 Kamara attached to his Court, to detain Arthwa Maddie unlawfully for four hours, where prisoners are kept.
Sep 7, 2010, 17:02

News Vendors, Sedition & Defamation Offences
As I highlighted in my last Thursday’s edition, there are significant differences within Sierra Leone’s Penal Code insofar as the offences of Sedition versus Defamation. See below for that reproduced article. One other important difference that should be highlighted in this treatise is the issue of the protection of innocent sellers (Eg: Vendors). Innocent news vendors are protected by Section 31 of the Public Order Act of 1965 from being found culpable in charges of Criminal Defamation unless it is proven that those vendors know that particular newspaper is in the habit of publishing defamatory materials against others but yet they still continue to sell that particular newspaper.
Sep 6, 2010, 13:47

Immunization & Childhood Diseases Vaccine For Typhoid Fever!!!
Immunization is a scientific means of making people particularly children resistant to deadly or killer diseases by activating their own immune system (the body’s defence to diseases). Scientists have succeeded in getting vaccines or chemical substance which can be injected into a person or given orally to act as protection against diseases. Vaccines aim to prime the immune system to the antigens of a particular microbe so that a first infection induces a secondary response. “Never in the history of human progress” wrote the pathologist Geoffrey Edsall, “has a better and cheaper method of preventing illness been developed than immunization at its best”.
Sep 3, 2010, 17:00

As Ugandan Court Scraps Seditious Libel Laws but maintains Criminal Libel Laws... Seditious Libel versus Criminal Defamation
The Constitutional Court in Uganda has ruled that Uganda’s Seditious Libel Laws are in variance with the democratic constitution of that country but it is very important to note that the Courts, made up of five Judges sitting on a Panel, did not rule against the validity of Uganda’s Criminal Defamatory Libel Laws. This effectively means that whilst the Constitutional Court in Uganda recognised the rights of citizens to freely criticise the Government and Government functionaries, it also recognised the right of private Ugandan citizens to have a means of having a deterrent that protects them from criminally-minded journalists impinging on their reputations with published falsehoods.
Sep 2, 2010, 17:28

Sierra Leone’s Useless Internet Service
I see some excitement with Minister I.B. Kargbo making some sounds of pride over the so-called first position that Sierra Leone scores in some questionable Poll conducted by some obscure entity who have probably never had to suffer the pains of trying to access the Internet from within Sierra Leone. I really do not know what people are being gleeful over. We are living in the Dark Ages in this country as far as Internet Access is concerned and the Communications Minister should actually be hanging his head in shame than showcasing what he believes is a source of pride!
Aug 26, 2010, 17:14

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