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Last Updated: Dec 31st, 2010 - 09:48:41 
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NEWS : Politics
Ernest’s Corruption is Worse than Pa Shaki & Momoh’s Corruption- Says JOB
The Chairman and Leader of the Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party (SLPP), Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin has told newsmen that corruption within the ruling All Peoples’ Congress Party (APC) has become unprecedented to the extent that it was now far worse than during the corruption-ridden days of late APC Presidents Siaka Stevens and Joseph Momoh. Addressing journalists at the usual party monthly briefing on unfolding issues yesterday at their Freetown National Headquarters, Mr. Benjamin said within just three years many APC members have been convicted of corruption in several court matters, citing the erstwhile Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Haja Afsatu Kabba’s case as a striking example of how corruption is thriving under the APC.
Oct 14, 2010, 17:12

NEWS : Politics
SLPP chairman urges supporters stand against intimidation
The Kenema District Chairman of opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Mr. Arthur Koroma on Friday 8th October, 2010 warned party supporter to resist individuals who are in the habit of using intimidating tactics to subdue them into supporting other political parties. The Chairman who was speaking during a general meeting organized by the SLPP Constituency 12 executives at Mano-Junction displayed a booklet of the 1991 constitution for all to see and quoted Chapter Two which guarantees freedom of assembly and association of citizens.
Oct 13, 2010, 17:55

NEWS : Politics
Charles Margai Undresses APC in Makeni: Claims Ernest Koroma gave $300,000 cash to Mohamed Bangura for New Party
Speaking about the three years of APC in office, Mr. Margai said he was reserving his comments for now because he said so many "crazy, crazy things" had been done by the APC in the last three years that he needed to call up a special international press conference to reveal all of the "crazy things". This international press conference he proposed would happen within the next three weeks inside the capital city of Freetown after he would have compiled all the necessary facts together. Addressing the issue of his suspended party Chairman Mohamed Bangura, Mr. Margai said, he had "recorded evidence" in which he alleged it is revealed that President Koroma, "gave Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars" to Mohamed Bangura to form Bangura’s new political party which according to him is aiming at victimising Charles Margai and destroying Margai’s political career.
Oct 8, 2010, 11:18

NEWS : Politics
Health Workers Disappointed At Sierra Leone Government
Even as the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party continues to make lots of ‘vuvuzela’ noises on their achievements, workers in certain Ministries, including those of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation through the Health Services Workers’ Union (SLHSWU) have expressed total disappointment over what the described as the willful attempt by the APC party to exclude some important category of health workers in that ministry such as Nursing Aides, Porters, Securities, Drivers, Clerks, Cleaners, and Laborers from the recommended pay package. This has reportedly enraged Union members who have vowed to stage a strike action for their disadvantaged membership on the 1st of November next month if their demands are not met by government.
Oct 7, 2010, 17:18

NEWS : Politics
Ernest Koroma Fascinates World with Smiling Confidence
Reverend Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu, one of the diplomats appointed by President Koroma at our country's Mission in New York has stated that the smiling, confident nature of President Koroma was fascinating the world. In an article entitled as "Sierra Leone leads West African neighbours in total scores of Mo Ibrahim Index Report", Kabs-Kanu hails the smiles of President Koroma.
Oct 6, 2010, 17:32

NEWS : Politics
Alpha Timbo to Address SLPP Delegates
One of the leading aspiring candidates for flag bearer position of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Hon. Alpha O. Timbo will on Thursday 7th October 2010 address Western Area delegates and other senior members of the SLPP at a dinner to be hosted at the Eastern Paddy’s Night Club in the Eastern Part of Freetown. Speaking to this reporter in an interview on yesterday at his Sandas Street Office, Hon Timbo disclosed that he would be hosting the delegates to showcase his eligibility and plans ahead of the National Delegates’ Conference next year in Bo City.
Oct 6, 2010, 17:26

NEWS : Politics
Charles Margai Gives 2 Weeks Ultimatum to APC Spokesman
Full Text of last Friday’s letter to APC Government Spokesman from PMDC Leader’s Law Firm follows below. Meanwhile, in tomorrow’s edition, Dr. Sylvia Blyden, Socio-Political Commentator, will give an Analysis of the LEGAL implications of the subtle messages hidden within the Letter for both H.E. President Koroma and Information Minister, Alhaji the Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo. DON’T MISS TOMORROW’S EDITION!
Oct 4, 2010, 12:42

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone's Elections Chief identifies a Bitter Enemy of Opposition as her Best Friend and Guide
....This image shows the text appearing on Page 2 of Dr. Christiana Thorpe's Ph.D thesis which she dedicated to Sam Maligi whom she described as her "Best Friend and Guide". Christiana Thorpe has never made any secret of the strong hold that Sam Maligi has over her as a person. Sam Maligi is not only Christiana Thorpe's "Best Friend" but he is also her self-proclaimed "GUIDE". Sam Maligi guides Christiana Thorpe in this world. This same Sam Maligi makes no secret of the fact that he despises the SLPP party (I REPEAT: Sam Maligi DESPISES the SLPP) for failing to give him a symbol to contest the 2007 Elections. This same Sam Maligi has now openly vowed to do everything in his power to ensure that the APC Leader, President Koroma gets a second term in office. And people wonder why the SLPP Leadership is so jittery over Christiana Thorpe conducting 2012 Elections!!!! CLICK ABOVE LINK TO READ AND SEE...
Oct 1, 2010, 17:31

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone's Opposition Party Greatly Improved Education of Girls (FLASHBACK)
Kenema, October 16th 2006: Girls of Sierra Leone have since the introduction of Western education in the country trailed behind boys in terms of access to and retention in school. The dropout and the low enrolment rates of girls have been largely blamed on parents' failure to provide for girls' education. Due to the high incidence of poverty in the country, most families in the rural areas preferred to let their boy children stay in school because of meagre resources, while the girl children are often left at home to assist in domestic chores and later to be given out in marriage. This situation had resulted in the very low percentage of educated women as compared to men in the country, and to the overall low literacy statistic in the country.
Sep 30, 2010, 17:18

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone's Opposition Leader in Commendable Political Tolerance
The Chairman and Leader of Sierra Leone’s main opposition political party continues to show his respect for the dictates of the 2009 APC-SLPP Agreement signed under the auspices of the international community which called for political tolerance and respect for others to be displayed between the country’s main political actors. John Oponjo Benjamin is a shining beacon of light for those who are looking for acts of political tolerance that are worth emulating. Unlike others who append their signatures to one thing and act in a different manner and who travel to the United Nations to speak of respect and political tolerance only to return home and ride roughshod over political views from the opposition, Mr. John Benjamin, was this week seen prominently amongst the mourners at the funeral service of the only son of ruling party strongman Leonard Balogun Koroma.
Sep 29, 2010, 17:22

NEWS : Politics
Dr. Soyei pays His Additional Le50 Million to lead SLPP into Elections
One of the contenders for the flag bearer of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in its next year National Delegates’ Convention has completed the payment of the Le 50 Million stipulated candidature fee on Monday, 27th September 2010. Dr. Anthony Kakpindi Soyei who had made the initial down deposit of Le10Million alongside 22 others earlier this month, made the balance payment of Le40Million directly to the Leader of the party; Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin at the party’s Headquarters on Wallace Johnson Street as a manifestation of his commitment to his intention to lead the party in the 2012 elections if approved by the National Delegates of the party.
Sep 29, 2010, 17:18

NEWS : Politics
APC Installs ‘Ba nya faeki’ Solar Lights at Mile 91 Town of Sierra Leone
The much trumpeted solar lights to be installed in all major towns and provincial headquarters across that country has started on bad footing at Mile 91 in the Tonkolili District, with the three solar lights so far installed being described by the people as “mere decorations” as they are not functioning as expected. This development has created doubts in the minds of the people who have now started questioning the sincerity of government in implementing the project. Our reporter who has just returned from that part of the country spoke with some residents to get their views on the dysfunctional nature of the lights.
Sep 28, 2010, 17:50

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone's Ruling Party Accused of Breaking Alliance Promises with PMDC Allies
It has emerged strongly from a senior official of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) that the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party is surreptitiously using money and promises of job opportunities to win over its members with the ultimate aim of destroying the party ahead of the 2012 elections. This was disclosed to this medium yesterday by the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the PMDC, Munir A.Y. Koroma, who has stepped in the shoes of the substantive PRO, Michael Fortune who is said to currently be on another important assignment assigned to him by the National Advisory Council of the party.
Sep 28, 2010, 17:29

NEWS : Politics
SLPP Councilor 'Rescues' President Koroma in Sierra Leone
The latest contribution of Sierra Leone’s opposition SLPP Councilor, Ibrahim Kabba, aka Small Borbor to the infrastructural development of the Goderich community has served as a rescue mission for the ruling party Leader, President Koroma, who will no longer have to struggle upon bad roads when he visits the Councilor’s area as he recently did. It will be an added recourse for what SLPP supporters call “APC balderdash” with regards their achievements, as the youthful Councilor has completed a self-sponsored road construction on the main road linking Funkia to Goderich which he commissioned last Saturday September 25th 2010.
Sep 28, 2010, 17:24

NEWS : Politics
DECLARATION : Professor Ritchard Tamba M’Bayo, Ph.D. Aspirant for the SLPP Leadership - (M’Bayo for President 2012)
Two things are going to happen in Sierra Leone in 2012: (1) The SLPP will be back in power, and (2) we will have a new president with a new face, a fresh voice and international experience and a politically untarnished character. There is an urgent need to expand the political space in our country in search for a new kind of leadership that will make a difference in the lives of our people; for new faces and fresh voices that will bring genuine change to our country. I’m entering the race for the leadership of the SLPP and ultimately for the presidency of Sierra Leone as a unifying force for change.
Sep 28, 2010, 17:22

NEWS : Politics
PMDC Party ‘Don Scatta’ - ‘Charles Margai is greedy and selfish’-says Mohamed Bangura
The embattled erstwhile Chairman for the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) has exclusively told the Awareness Times Newspaper on Saturday September 25th 2010 in Freetown that he was leaving the party because the "so-called leader" of the party, Mr. Charles Francis Margai is greedy and selfish and that he will formally resign from the party this week with a number of other prominent party members including Ministers, Chairmen, Chairladies, and Youth Leaders to form another party for 2012 elections. Responding to what his action will mean to the PMDC/APC alliance, Bangura said that alliance was a spontaneous arrangement with the grand plan to remove the then ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party from power.
Sep 27, 2010, 12:21

NEWS : Politics
APC Councilor Commissions Mabayla Community Toilet
The Councilor for Ward 374, Abu Yassim Kanu aka Yankra on Saturday 18th September 2010 commissioned a Public toilet within the Mabayla Community constructed by Concern Worldwide, an international Non-Governmental Organization working with communities to promote health and sanitation. Addressing community people in the jam packed community Court Barray, Councilor Kanu thanked Concern Worldwide for assisting the community in the area of heath and sanitation with the construction of the toilet which he said would go a long way to ease sanitation in that community.
Sep 23, 2010, 10:20

NEWS : Politics
Civil Society Indicts Sierra Leone Government for Neglecting Youths
The Head of Programmes at the Campaign for Good Governance (CGG), Marcella Macaulay has further indicted the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party for neglecting the issues of youths in the country throughout their three years of governance. She made this indictment during her submission against the government on Friday, 17th September 2010 during the popular radio news and current affairs programme, ‘Tea Break’ aired over the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) radio. She was apparently reacting to massive publicity and propaganda stunts by the government with regards its achievements since it came to power in September 2007.
Sep 22, 2010, 17:18

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone's Leicester Road Community Hails SLPP Philanthropist
Residents of Leicester Road have expressed appreciation over the expressed intention of one of the sons of the soil to reconstruct the road linking Tree Planting to Berry Street. Edward D. Ernest Coker an intending candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in the forthcoming Parliamentary election in 2012 had disclosed to the community people this intention on the note that the community was suffering unnecessarily due to the absence of a good road linking the community with the greater Freetown.
Sep 21, 2010, 11:11

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Youth blast Government: "Na so, so Alaki nor mor!"
As the All People’s Congress (APC) party celebrated over the weekend three years of being at the helm of the governance of Sierra Leone, youths across Freetown have expressed utter dissatisfaction over what they call “meaningless wasteful spending of money on public relations stunts and propaganda to make people believe that they have done sweet something;” while the majority of Sierra Leoneans bask in poverty and hunger. The youth have vowed to teach the APC a good lesson come 2012 “if no move is made by them to improve their lots as human beings.”
Sep 20, 2010, 12:17

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