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Sierra Leone News : Parliament Approves 6 Judges, 3 Board Members
By Augustine Samba
Dec 15, 2014, 12:08
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The Honorable Members of the Sierra Leone House of Parliament on Friday 12th December 2014 unanimously approved Nine Presidential Nominees including six Honorable Judges and three prominent Sierra Leoneans to enviable Board Memberships.

The nominees were vetted on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th December 2014 by the Parliamentary Committee on Appointment and Public Service.


Presenting the Government Motion, the Majority Leader of the House, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu who serves as Leader of Government Business and Chairman of the Appointment and Public Service Committee said the Presidential Nominees were interviewed on strict adherence on established procedures ranging from educational background, task obligations, asset declarations, pertinent work situations and vision for a successful tenure of the new offices.


"All the nominees were interviewed on oath" he assured.


The Majority Leader described a renowned Honorable Female Judge, Justice Vivian Margret Solomon as someone who entered the law profession in 1989 just after her legal education. According to the Chairman Appointment and Public Service, Justice Solomon became Justice of the Court of Appeal in 2010 and maintained that position until her new appointment.


The Majority went on, when asked on the delay in dispensation of justice these were her exalt words: "If I must speak for myself, the records are there to show that I do not delay matters and I do deliver my rulings and judgments promptly. I take that to be the case for most of my colleagues". The Majority Leader further that, it was very outstanding for Honorable Justice Solomon to tell the interview panel that there were many opportunities for young lawyers which they did not have during their academic days. Hon. Justice Solomon appeared before the Honorable House of Parliament as a Presidential Nominee for Supreme Court Judge.

Justice Nicholas Browne Marke was presented by Majority Leader as proposed Supreme Court Judge. He said the Honorable Justice was appointed to the State Counsel, Law Officers Department in 1982 as soon as he returned from the legal studies abroad. The Majority Leader went on; in 1989, he went into private practice until 2002 and also served the Special Court for a year. In 2007 he said Hon. Justice Browne Marke was appointed as Justice of the Court of Appeal. The Majority Leader said Honorable Justice Browne Marke was frank to tell the panelists that the Justice System had enormous challenges including the inadequate resources, misplaced of court files and the non-availability of witnesses. Majority Leader said Honorable Justice Browne Marke cited that, the availability of resources and proper coordination will lead the court system to success.


Honorable Emmanuel Ekundayo Roberts was presented to Parliament as Presidential Nominee for Supreme Court. His education backgrounds and other reputations were enviable as reported by the Majority Leader. 


Hon. Justice Abdulai Hamid Charm appeared before Parliament as Justice of the Court of Appeal. He was introduced by the Majority Leader as someone with an outstanding character within the Justice Sector.


Another distinguished Hon. Justice Mangeh Fana Deen Tarawally stood before the Honorable Parliament as proposed nominee for Justice of the Court of Appeal. He was described as someone who had served in various capacities including Private Legal Practitioner, Magistrate, Senior Magistrate, Principal Magistrate and a High Court Judge.


Hon. Justice Ernest V.A. Gooding was presented by the Majority Leader as a proposed High Court Judge on Contact. According to the Majority Leader, Hon. Gooding started his legal career as private legal practitioner in the United Kingdom before coming to his home to serve his people.The former Cabinet Minister of Energy, Mr. Olunniyie Robbin-Coker was presented to the Honorable House as Board Chairman Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA). According to the Majority Leader, the nominee said "he was very familiar with SLIEPA's activities and know the organization quite well."                                   

Ambassador Allieu Ibrahim Kanu was nominated as proposed Board Chairman Independent Media Commission (IMC) Whilst Melinda Princess Davies as Board Member of IMC.


In his contribution, Hon. Komba Koedeyoma of Kono District, representing Constituency 27 said he personally admired Oluniyie Robbin-Coker for courage and humility.

He said from the position of Minister to Board Membership clearly indicates that Mr. Robbin Coker is a real patriot.


Hon. Komba further that, the delay in justice in Sierra Leone needs to be addressed. He appealed to the newly appointed judges to steadfast and ensure that the judiciary goes beyond justice delay.    


Hon. Daniel Koroma representing Koinadugu District Constituency 46 said all the judges were eminent Sierra Leoneans with great prowess in the law profession. "I have gone through some in the academia, but today they are going to pass through me" he maintained.   The session was climaxed by the unanimous approval of all Presidential Nominees.

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