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Obsessed with Sierra Leone President: Messeh Leone Embarrasses Himself again
By Our Special Correspondent
Jun 1, 2015, 12:12
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A young Sierra Leonean working at an important world body, Mr. Abubakarr Messeh Kamara (aka Messeh Leone) has once again created serious embarrassment for himself with his obsession to write malicious attacks against President Koroma on social media.This time, in a bid to continue his usual menace, Messeh Leone has on Sunday 31st May 2015, been distributing on social media, another malicious article that President Koroma “owed” the sum of 3.3 billion dollars meant for the people of Sierra Leone in the fight against Ebola. Messeh’s dubiously sourced claims of whopping sum of 3.3 billion dollars being owed by the President, sparked off outrage against Messeh from virtually all quarters. Even the President’s known critics joined to turn their pens on Messeh Leone in order to chastise him.

The truth is that rather than Sierra Leone President Koroma defaulting on any form of accountability or transparency objectives, it was the Sierra Leone leader who in fact led the way for the world to follow when it comes to holding oneself aloft for citizens to examine during the fight against Ebola.


On March 3rd 2015, a pivotal address was delivered in Brussels that can be said to have spurred the world into strongly focusing on the need for Donors and Implementing partners to not only be more transparent but to also allow themselves to be subjected to publicised audits. That was when Sierra Leone President Koroma made a call to the world for more transparency and accountability from those who claimed to be funding the fight against Ebola.


Speaking of the anti-Ebola and post-Ebola efforts, President Koroma had said: “Transparency and accountability will be critical to the success of these proposals”. He then made the Call that was to then spark off the ongoing calls for more Donor transparency.


“We ask donors to improve their transparency also by publishing what they fund according to the International Aid Transparency Agreement. This will make us more effective and allow donors and our citizens to hold us to account,” President Koroma had called for as he also informed of how “In Sierra Leone, in line with my pronouncements at the very commencement of our fight against the virus, our accountability watchdog agencies – the Audit Services, Parliament and the ACC have commenced actions on ensuring this”.


It is following this Call from His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, that there has been a growing agitation from reputable institutions for the billions of dollars handled by international agencies, in the name of ‘fighting Ebola’, to be audited and their Audit Reports be publicised.


There have also been increased independent journalism investigations into how the billions of dollars have been expended by foreign agencies. The most recent of these was published by Newsweek magazine when it unveiled how a chunk of $3.3billion meant to fight Ebola, did not actually reach recipient countries.


This is the report that Messeh Leone (aka Abubakarr Messeh Kamara) has misinterpreted and misread to mean the Sierra Leone President owes 3.3 billion dollars of Ebola monies that he is yet to account for to Sierra Leoneans.


Transparency International, the world’s topmost anti-corruption body recently issued a statement to commend Sierra Leone President’s government for being the first in Africa to implement an independent audit of how Ebola funds were used. Locally as well, the President’s calls for officials to avoid mismanagement of Ebola funds, saw him warn that “Ebola money is blood money”. His calls are well appreciated.


“The President’s efforts to introduce transparency and accountability into the use of funds meant to fight Ebola are well noted and appreciated by all well-meaning persons around the entire  globe,” said Mr. Joseph Nbompa Turay, a youth activist in the capital Freetown.


“Messeh is perpetually in a state of confusion when it comes to President Koroma. It is like he craves the direct  attention of the President; like a jinx,” Mrs. Sallay Kamara, one of his distant aunts in Makeni City told this press last night adding “With his presence at the Commonwealth, he could have been one of the youngest influential Sierra Leonean voices on the international stage but sadly, because he is obsessed with attacking the President, he has turned himself into a total caricature and I can only pray for him to reverse from the pathway he has undertaken”.


This is not the first time that Messeh is causing embarrassment for himself over undue attacks on the President.


Fuelled by unknown forces, Messeh is always having unwarranted basis for writing his attacks on the President.


Since President Koroma is greatly loved by youths of Sierra Leone, the attacks always create a negative reaction towards Messeh Leone from the youths of Sierra Leone. 


As part of a recent Commonwealth delegation to Sierra Leone, very angry youths stormed delegates; demanding that Messeh be removed from the delegation if the meeting was to hold. This was all as a result of Messeh’s malicious attacks on the President.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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