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In Sierra Leone,UNFPA Supports Mattru Jong Hospital
By Courtesy of the Communications Unit, Office of the First Lady
Oct 15, 2009, 16:20

Funds have been provided by UNFPA, through the Office of the First Lady, to re-brand Mattru Jong Hospital to excellence.


The idea to re-brand the hospital started last year during a working visit by the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma to Mattru Jong in the Bonthe District.

On a visit to the hospital, Mrs. Sia Koroma lamented on the poor conditions of the hospital which she indicated provided medical care for people in Sierra Leone and beyond its borders.

The visit was an eye-opener to the First Lady who identified Mattru Jong Hospital within her vision to establish hospitals of excellence.

With funds provided by UNFPA, the Mattru Jong Hospital was on Saturday 3rd October 2009 officially handed over to the contractor Mr. Moses Moseray to be refurbished.

At the historic event, the Bishop of the United Brethren Church (UBC), Bishop Simbo, who is Chairman of the hospital board, thanked the First Lady for her determination to re-brand the hospital. Against this background, he admonished the people of Mattru Jong to support the initiative by monitoring the progress of the project.

Bishop Simbo warned the community to distance themselves from activities which would encourage the stealing of the building materials.

The Town Chief, Madam Edna Tucker, expressed joy at this period of the First Lady’s interest in the hospital. She said prior to the First Lady’s intervention, the hospital had experienced poor conditions in buildings and equipment.

The Project Engineer, Mr. Cole, gave an overview of the construction work and indicated that the refurbished hospital will be completed in December this year.

The Project Coordinator in the Office of the First Lady, Ms. Florence Carter, encouraged the people of Mattru Jong to be participants in the construction of the hospital. She reiterated the passion of the First Lady to transform the Mattru Jong Hospital to one of excellence. She further admonished the community to support the contractor and his workers so that they could achieve the target of December 2009 to complete the refurbished hospital.

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