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Sam-Sumana Is a Bonafide APC
By Matthew T. Bendu
Nov 12, 2009, 17:22

A revealing article by social commentator Pa Baimba Sesay has revealed the closeness that existed between the late former President Siaka Stevens and the late father of the current Vice President, Chief Sam-Sumana. The article is on Page 9.

These assertions in the article, from my knowledge gathered from our elders in Kono, is quite accurate but what Pa Baimba should have included in article is the fact that not only does VP Sam-Sumana have every right to senior hierarchy in APC but he was specially blessed by his late father to one day emerge as a force in the APC.

Many Kono Elders will tell, if asked, that on the very day VP Sam-Sumana was born, his father was languishing in prison on behalf of the APC. The elder Samsumana was in jail as a result of his vigorous activism on behalf of the then opposition APC party of Siaka Stevens.

We are told by Kono elders that for a while after our Vice President was born, his father could not even set eyes on his new-born son since he was in detention. It was only when the jailed Chief Sam-Sumana fell ill and was taken to hospital from jail that he managed to appeal for his new baby son to be brought for him to set eyes on him and bless him.

The elder Sam-Sumana was eventually released from detention as the charges, of attempted murder of SLPP supporters in Kono for which he had been detained, were all proved to be without any merit. However, a photograph exists to this day that shows the baby Sam-Sumana being carried by the father on a hospital bed where the father was lying. It is thus clear that Sam-Sumana has had a life-long relationship with the ruling All People’s Congress and so as Pa Baimba Sesay is alerting, it will be sheer ungratefulness for the APC to malign and castigate this young Vice President who is now rightfully claiming his place near the APC throne that his late father helped to build.

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