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Pujehun District gets 12 more projects in Sierra Leone
Dec 2, 2005, 13:38

Three more completed projects have been handed over and nine new ones launched in the Pujehun district.

The completed projects are a Court Barrie in Gobaru, a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) house at Bowulo and a Community Centre in Kpangba, all in the Panga-Krim Chiefdom, Pujehun District. The Commissioner of NaCSA, Alhaji Kanja Sesay told the people at the handing over ceremonies that the projects are a fulfillment of government’s promises which it always pursues vigorously until delivery.

He said the purpose of the Court Barrie projects is to ensure the enforcement of law, order and authority. ‘The crime rate will be minimized and the presence of government will be felt at chiefdom and district levels’. The construction of the Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) house at Bowulo, he said, is to complement the work of the Ministry of Health in ensuring safe. child delivery at community level. The Community Centre at Kpangba is meant for cultural and other social activities. This communal infrastructure, the Commissioner said "brings people together."

He expressed satisfaction at the role played by the Chiefs and elders, and the Project Management Committees (PMC), in speedily implementing and admonished them to appreciate government’s interventions.

Paramount Chief of Panga-Krim Chiefdom, Samuel Gbonda commended government, through NaCSA, for the projects and appealed for more assistance.

The Medical Superintendent, Pujehun District, Dr. T.T. Samba said through NaCSA, there is the potential to move the country forward citing the TBA house and the efforts of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in training women on safe delivery as some of the achievements of government at chiefdom level.

Member of Parliament, Pujehun District, Dr. John Kallon, Chairman of the NaCSA Parliamentary Oversight Committee, was pleased to tell the people of Pujehun that NaCSA’s activities are commendable, especially by its national spread and quality of products. Earlier, the Chairman of the occasion, Resident Minister South, Alhaji Dr. S.D.M Jah cautioned the people not to undo government development interventions in the chiefdom but to complement them.

In another development, the NaCSA Commissioner launched four Community-Driven Programmes (CDP) and five Public Works Programmes (PWP) sub-projects in the district.

He informed the people that NaCSA was not an NGO but an arm of government created to rebuild the country after 11 years of civil conflict. He explained the differences between the Public Works Programme (PWP) and Community Driven Programme (CDP) and commended the people of Pujehun for their support to NaCSA in the implementation of its programmes in the district. The Paramount Chief of Gallinas-Perri Chiefdom, Issa.B. Kamara-Koroma III, who is also Secretary of the Council of Paramount Chiefs in the district, commended the leadership of NaCSA and the commission’s effort in rebuilding the country.

Statements were also made by the Inspector of Schools, J .M. Kaine and Paramount Chief, Panga-Kabondeh Chiefdom, Patrick Modibo Jaiaia Kaikai. Projects launched under the CDP included, a community health post at Bengani, a Court Barrie at Gbonjeima in the Mano-Sakrim Chiefdom; reconstruction of a court Barrie at Karlu, Yakemo-Kpukumu-Krim chiefdom, and the reconstruction of Futa-Kpejeh court Barrie, Futa-Kpejeh chiefdom.

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