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Raising AWARENESS on the World Wide Web
By Awareness Times
Jul 29, 2005, 10:29

In addition to doubling our frequency from twice a week to four times a week, Awareness Times Newspaper will now be publishing on our two World Wide Websites of and, selected materials for consumption by an international audience.


Anyone from anywhere in the world can now access the Internet and download the 20 paged Keynote Address which was delivered by Dr. Ade Renner-Thomas, the Chief Justice of the Republic of Sierra Leone, at the Opening Ceremony of the Annual Conference of the Sierra Leone Bar Association on Friday 15th July 2005. An extract from the Speech, entitled "The Judiciary: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" states:

"…The challenge facing the Judiciary of tomorrow therefore is to devise measures that will ensure that public confidence is restored and the Judiciary becomes more accountable to the citizenry it is has taken an oath to serve without fear or favour affection or ill-will, and if I may add, with integrity and propriety both in and out of court. If this is any consolation to members of our Judiciary it must be stated that this crisis of confidence is not peculiar to the Sierra Leone Judiciary. In the past ten to twenty years many jurisdictions, including those of so-called developed countries, have come to recognise the social and economic pressures and other problems which judicial officers face nowadays.…"

Visitors may now read the entire 20 paged Speech Online at any of the two Awareness Times Website addresses of and


The World Miss University Beauty Contest is an Event that was conceived by the Students’ Union Presidents of various University campuses worldwide. This was after the United Nations named 1986 as the Year of Peace. It is an event that has, over the years, gained endorsement from prominent personalities around the world. It seeks to promote world peace. The winners of the World Miss University contest have always been involved in peace building activities in countries like Kosovo and Rwanda which were recovering from war.

This year’s World Miss University Contest will be the 15th such annual event. It is to be held in Seoul, Korea in mid-October. Concord Times Communications is organising the local Miss University Sierra Leone Contest with the ultimate aim of sponsoring the winner to take part in this year’s worldwide event in Seoul, Korea. Awareness Times Newspaper has teamed up with Concord Times Newspaper to publish the names and pictures of all the contestants online starting from this weekend.

Visitors to the Awareness Times website will be allowed to vote for their choice of who should be Sierra Leone’s Miss University Queen. The Online Voting Booth will be opened to the public on the Awareness Times website exactly at midnight of August 6th 2005 until midnight of August 12th 2005 when the Online Polls will close. Your votes will be instantly collated online in a transparent manner. Visit or to cast your vote for your choice of Miss University Sierra Leone. Awareness Times wishes Good Luck to all contestants!

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