From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Professor Septimus Kaikai lauded by Sierra Leone Musicians
By Tom Tommy
Aug 26, 2005, 13:20

Several Sierra Leonean musical artists including Daddy Saj, Willie J and many others this week visited the Awareness Times newspaper to publicly hail the efforts of Professor Septimus Kaikai, the Minister of Information, in promoting the interest of the local musical industry.

According to the musicians, a few months ago, Professor Septimus Kaikai, the Minister of Information, initiated an idea that has this week come to fruition with all musical artists in Sierra Leone now under one umbrella organisation.

The organisation which has been floated and registered is called the All Stars Sierra Leone with a motto of "One Voice in Harmony" and a logo that depicts a hand holding a microphone with a musical note inside the map of Sierra Leone.

The organisation is said to be a non-political and non-profit making organisation which will harness the collective efforts and resources of the Sierra Leonean musical stars as they strive for the welfare, cooperation and mutual understanding amongst the stars as well as amongst the citizenry in the country at large.

The aims and objective of the said organisation are as follows.

-To attain improved quality of life of its members and the country at large through music.

-To give moral financial and other assistance to musical festival- to develop policies that will reactivate musical laws (piracy etc).

-To identify, design and implement the development of musical projects and to assist in the mobilisation of resources for the effective implementation of musical projects.

-To promote effective collaboration with both government agencies and NGO’s in national development through music.

-To develop and improve upon the social welfare, interpersonal skills and relationships of musical artists so as to promote unity, peace and friendly relationships.

-To support developmental activities through music.

-To assist in raising the understanding and the level of awareness of our communities’ failures and successes through the establishment of musical programs.

-To undertake social functions such as discos, dances, games and other sporting activities.

The organisation is comprised of the following class of membership: Ordinary, Executive and Honorary/Associate members with the following classes of executive positions:

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, Public Relations Officer, Financial Secretary, Assistant Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Social Organising Secretary, Assistant Social Organising Secretary and two Whips with the tenure of every executive position being two years.

The board of the organisation shall be the highest organ of the organisation and shall comprise of five persons appointed by the executive and headed by the chairman.

Presently the organisation is operating under an Interim Executive comprised of the following:

Joseph Cole (Daddy Saj) - Chairman

Phonty of Jungle Leaders – Vice Chairman

Daddy ish - Secretary General

Emerson Bockarie (Borbor Bele artist) - Assistant Secretary

Base Aphonix - Organising Secretary

Funky Fred - Assistant Organisation Secretary

Disciplinary Committee Members:

Mohamed Saccoh (K man), Slie and Feaker

Another prominent members of the All Stars is Willie J.

Speaking to Awareness Times yesterday, Mr. Maya Kaikai, the Personal Assistant to Hon. Septimus Kaikai stated that the honourable minister initiated the idea during a courtesy call paid on him by the musical artists a few months ago. The artists had called upon the Minister to request assistance from the government in helping to protect their interests such as in helping them to make piracy of their music to become illegal.

" ‘If you want your industry to have clout and to become a force to be reckoned with, you should form an umbrella organisation which can then make these demands to the government on your behalf. A united front is always better than single efforts.’ was what Professor Kaikai told then." Maya Kaikai told Awareness Times last night over the telephone.

The artists themselves during their visit to the Awareness Times newspaper offices praised the erudite professor for not only continuing to act as a father figure to them but also making the conference room of the Ministry of Information available to them for their meetings. Professor Kaikai, the dynamic son of Kailahun, is also credited by the Interim Executive of creating a smoother working relationship between the Ministry of Tourism and the musicians as well as the Ministry of Youths and the musicians. Another visitor to Awareness Times, popular businessman, Mr. Brima Sesay, who was present when the artists were praising the Minister, stated that this kind of laudable and selfless efforts are the type of actions that us citizens wish to see as coming from our leaders.

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