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PhotoJournalism of John Leigh's Drama at the Makeni Convention in Sierra Leone
By Sayoh Kamara
Sep 20, 2005, 00:01

Awareness Times' cameras were fortunate to capture every single scene of relevance to John Leigh immediately after his national disgrace at the Sierra Leone People's Party Convention. The editorial team of Awareness Times had decided in its wisdom not to publish the pictures so as not to add to the fellow's torment. However, we have now unanimously decided to make available to the general public the pictures we took of John Leigh up at the Makeni Convention. See the pictures below:

John Leigh walked himself out of the Convention Hall all alone. No supporter followed him outside

He could barely stand and he had to lean on this filthy, rusted old water-tank to catch his breath and compose himself

The word then spreads amongst journalists that John Leigh was outside and they started to hover around him with their tape recorders

John Leigh starts by blasting certain delegates and the entire membership of his party with particularly nasty words for the delegates

At several points, he bursts into tears and wept like a cry-baby

But the lady who carried the day in terms of crying (No, sorry, not crying but WAILING) was this lady shown here wearing a "John Leigh for President" T-Shirt. She was wailing like a banshee and even physically attacked Leigh's Campaign Manager, Hindolo Butcher

She could not be consoled and in her distraught state revealed a lot of revelations to the public about how much cash Leigh spent to get himself nominated but which no sober-minded delegate paid heed to. They all ate his money and voted their consciences

During this time, the Awareness Times team took a picture of the confused Campaign Manager, Hindolo S. B. Butcher as he spoke to someone on the telephone

As he spoke, journalists also fired questions at him in a bid to get a replacement actor provide them with answers as the police had carted off the main actor of the day, John Leigh. Butcher also made a lot of revelations to pressmen on that fateful red-lettered and red-necktie day

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