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The YPP, Joe Blell & Olu Gordon in Sierra Leone
By Awareness Times
Feb 9, 2006, 14:10

One of the Founding members of the Young Peopleís Party (YPP), Mr. Rod Macfoy recently revealed to the media that Minister Joe Blell held a secret Meeting with the Young Peopleís Party in the early part of 2001 during which he informed them of his intention to financially sponsor and eventually lead the YPP. At the time, Joe Blell was the Sierra Leone Ambassador to Nigeria.

Joe Blell: Back-stabbing Traitor

According to Macfoy, Joe Blell after the meeting sent them $300 (Three Hundred Dollars) cash which the young men badly needed to carry out some initial administrative functions.

The interesting twist to the report is that Joe Blell told the young men that the person he most trusted to be the secret courier of the cash from himself in Nigeria to the young men in Freetown was none other than Richie Olu Awoonor Gordon of Peep!

Mr. Macfoy informed that it was Olu Gordon who handed the secret 300 dollars cash to the Young Peopleís Party back in 2001.

This was at a time when Olu Gordon was rabidly attacking in his newspaper Joe Blellís boss, Tejan Kabbah

TOTALLY HOPELESS & USELESS GOVERMENT was his regular refrain back then when he would wish to write about the Kabbah Government.

"Joe Blell did not want us to reveal to the public that he was our initial sponsor because he planned to dump the SLPP at the time and become the YPP Leader to contest the 2002 Elections but he did not want the Kabbah Government to know as he was still the Ambassador to Nigeria." a YPP Founding Member stated to Awareness Times last night.

With time, the young men in the party decided that they did not trust Joe Blell and they contacted Dr. Sylvia Blyden who was then in the United States to instead lead the YPP.

This shocked and angered Olu Gordon and Joe Blell who had thought that if they did not continue to sponsor the YPP, the young men could not have survived as a political party.

"He was not very happy with us at all. He kept on asking us why did we have to choose Sylvia Blyden all the way out there in America to be the one to lead the YPP when the initial $300 to start the Party came from Joe Blell through Olu Gordon. He threatened us but we did not back down because we knew that Sylvia Blyden was a genuine person and we could not trust a man like Joe Blell who was showing us treacherous colours already with his backstabbing of Pa Kabbah to us." the YPP member stated.

It is without a doubt that one of the people whose protection Olu Gordon is assured of is the Deputy Minister of Defence, Joe Blell.

Even as he curses this Government day in and Day Out, Olu Gordon (aka Dorty Olu) will always get adverts from Joe Blellís Ministry of Defence.

Blell who was the Sierra Leone Ambassador to Nigeria before he became the Deputy Minister of Defence in Sierra Leone is widely believed to be encouraging Olu Gordon because even as Olu turns his pen on every one in the society, Blell knows that Olu Gordon will never turn his rabid pen upon him and so he keeps Oluís friendship as a tool to be used in his favour. Who has ever read anything rabid about Joe Blell in Olu Gordonís pages?


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