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Police arrest four youths at Hastings in Sierra Leone
By Alhassan Deen Kamara
Mar 8, 2006, 13:48

The village of Hastings situated along the Freetown/Waterloo highway, was hit with panic and pandemonium last Friday, when a team of armed OSD personnel descended on the village and arrested four youths.

According to sources, it all started when a group young lads who were standing between Carr Street and Hebron Street at centre of the Hastings community, started shouting at the top of their voices "U go komot nar ya U fil say na u papa get ya."

This statement reportedly aggravated one Fatmata Conteh who suddenly reported to the youths to the police.

Sources further maintained that the police rushed to the scene and succeeded in cooling down the situation.

The youths who were deemed to the provoking the situation through their use of the newly introduced slang, did give the police the assurance that they will desist forthwith from doing anything that will create further fracas in the area.

Reports however state that around 2030hours of that same day, the police got another report that a fresh confusion has erupted in the same area.

Accordingly, the latest situation was far more serious than the previous one, as missiles and other harmful materials were exchanged between the opposing forces.

This situation prompted the police operating in the area to immediately spring into action to calm down the situation which was almost running down to the dogs.

The police action consequently led to the arrest four youths who were thought to have played a lead role in the fracas.

Among those arrested were Edward Kargbo and his girlfriend, Beatrice John.

Meanwhile, the former Headman of the village, Miss Adeline Nicolson and one human rights activist in the village, Mr. Morray Tol, are said to be making frantic efforts to get the problem resolved.

Reports also indicate that the police at Hastings have begun putting mechanisms in place to ensure that such unlawful conducts are not repeated.

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