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By Juliet Ansumana
Apr 3, 2006, 14:45

As part of its determination to extend its network service across the length and breadth of the country, Sierra Leone’s leading mobile telecommunication company, CELTEL, has become the first mobile company that has extended its network to Mattru Jong, in the Bonthe district, east of Sierra Leone.

Mr.Bernard Sisay Marketing Director: Making his statement

The formal launching of the network in that part of the country took place on March 24 2006, in an auspicious ceremony that was attended by scores of Mattru Jong residents and local authorities.

Hundreds of residents in the neighbouring towns and villages are also said to have graced the occasion which many referred to as a remarkable one.

Addressing the crowd at the launching ceremony, the Executive Director of Premier Media, Dr. Julius Spencer stated that as far as mobile communication is concerned in Sierra Leone, CELTEL is simply the best.

The Premier Media Crew

Dr. Spencer noted that CELTEL has made it possible for families and friends to communicate with each other with ease and less expense.

He said CELTEL targets all categories of people including the rich and the poor, with the sole intention of making life better for the entire citizenry of Sierra Leone.

He went on to state that the launching of the network in Mattru Jong, goes a long way to demonstrate how committed is CELTEL to fulfill its vision.

Sidikie Brima: Minister of local govt. delivering the launching statement

In his own remarks, the Paramount Chief of Mattru Jong, A. B Sheriff stated that "Today, Celtel has made a landmark development in the history of Mattru Jong and it immediate environs".

The Paramount Chief registered his support for developmental initiatives undertaken in his chiefdom, and lauded CELTEL for what he referred to as a positive move.

He explained that he is ready and willing at all times to render his support to activities that are geared towards improving the lives of his people and chiefdom as a whole.

The high table

He assured his people that CELTEL is in to help them, adding that in the not too far distance the network will be enjoyed in the entire Bonthe district.

This he noted will be a welcome development as it will effectively address the communication constraint that has gripped that part of the country for far too long.

He thanked the almighty God for making it possible for the people of Mattru Jong to enjoy what he referred to as ‘modern communication’

A cross section of the community members Celtel’s

He also registered his thanks and appreciation to the Government of Sierra Leone for creating the leveling playing field for private telecommunication companies to thrive.

He called on all to work hard for the development of the country, and ended by officially welcoming CELTEL to the Mattru Jong community, adding that there will be no regrets.

MD Jean Ives Kuuassi-Goly: Addressing the people of Mattru Jong

In his own remarks, the Bonthe District Council Chairman, Mr. Joe Benny said the Mattru Jong community will now breathe a sigh of relief with the intervention of CELTEL.

He pointed out that right through the past years, the people of that community were faced with serious communication difficulties, adding that they had to travel all the way to bigger towns like Bo and Kenema, in order to communicate to their relatives and friends in the Diaspora.

The launching of the network he said, will bring families and friends even closer.

He made it clear that the people are very appreciative for what CELTEL has done for them, and that they will cooperate fully with the company in order to be able to sustain its operations in the township.

Joe Benny-District Council Chairman

He also stated that the launching of the network in that part of the country will go a long way to facilitate the smooth operation of the council operating in the area.

He pledged to give CELTEL all the support, cooperation, and protection it deserves insofar as its operation in the district is concerned.

In his address, the Managing Director of CELTEL, Mr. Jean Ives-Kouassi-Goly said the people of Mattru Jong have become the latest beneficiaries of the services provided by CELTEL, adding that they can now proudly state that they have been connected with the rest of the world.

He told them that CELTEL has a wide coverage and a good network facility that has the ability of reaching the whole world.

The Celtel family

He also assured the people of Mattru Jong that their long time problem with communication has ended, stressing that CELTEL has all what it takes to provide them with the goodies insofar as communication is concerned.

He informed them of the company’s determination to satisfy the wishes and demands of its numerous subscribers, adding that the company also focuses on issues relating to youth and community development, and job creation.

Mr. Ives-Kouassi-Goly welcomed the people of Mattru Jong to the GSM World, stating that from henceforth, their lives will never be the same again.

He informed the people of the tremendous achievements CELTEL has made since its inception in the country, noting that the company is first among equals.

He also stated that telecommunications has become a matter of must today, stressing that the world we now leave in is technological.

The launching of the network he went on, is a real blessing in disguise for the people of Mattru Jong, noting that it will not only create a positive impact in their lives, but also in the developmental aspect of the community.

With CELTEL around, the MD stated that business will flow because there will enhanced communication.

He also stated that the problem of traveling from one place to another to transact business with partners will also come to an end with CELTEL around.

In his keynote address, the Honourable Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Mr. Sidikie Brimah, who officially launched the network, expressed delight that Mattru Jong has now joined the rest of the world in the business of communication.

He said the people of Mattru Jong love progress, pointing out that he has always been impressed with the level of development taking place in the township.

According to him, the rapid expansion of CELTEL’s network is part of the post-war benefits the people of Sierra Leone are enjoying.

He said it is a great thing to have the opportunity of sitting in one’s community and communicate to families and friends across the country and the world as a whole.

He thanked CELTEL for a job well done, and pledged government’s continued support to the network’s expansion policy, which he said is a major boost to the country’s post-war recovery drive.

Also making a statement was the Marketing Director of CELTEL, Mr. Bernard Sisay, who stated among other things that the company is ready to give its best in order to enhance good and affordable communication for the people of Sierra Leone.

He also thanked the Mattru Jong community for allowing the company to expand its network therein, and assured the beneficiaries that the company is there to stay.

The occasion was climaxed by traditional and cultural performances.

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