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To enhance compulsory free education…. in Sierra Leone, Paramount Chief imposes Le 500,000 fine on parents
By John Mansaray
Apr 11, 2006, 13:48

In an effort to enhance the government’s policy for the realization of compulsory and free primary education particularly for the girl child, the Paramount Chief of Dembelia Sainkuna chiefdom and Member of Parliament representing the Koinadugu district, Hon. PC Alhaji Alimamy Lahai Mansaray V, has issued a proclamation in his chiefdom that any parent who fails to send his/her child/children to school will be obliged to pay the fine of Five Hundred Thousand Leones (Le 500,000) cash.

Hon. PC Alimamy Mansaray V made this disclosure last weekend in an interview with Awareness Times.

Accordingly, Hon. PC Mansaray V stated among other things that the imposition of the fine is a way of supporting the government’s policy which he noted is aimed at ensuring that our children, and even those yet unborn, will grow up and live in an enlightened society devoid of ignorance and unprogressiveness.

PC Alimamy Mansaray V stated that he is poised to ensure that frantic efforts are made to make the policy which he referred to as a laudable one, bears fruit in his chiefdom.

Hon. PC Mansaray V went on to heap praises on the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) government for the basic human, social and economic development programmes that have, and are still being undertaken in his chiefdom. Programmes such as agriculture, education, health care delivery and the establishment of market centers in the chiefdom, the Hon. PC Alimamy Mansaray said, have all been undertaken and that more development initiatives aimed at making life better for his people are on the pipeline.

The Hon. PC Mansaray also joyfully hailed the government for the construction works being undertaken by the National Commission for Social Action (NACSA) in the chiefdom.

He made special reference to the shelter scheme being implemented by NaCSA, noting that a number of well built and conducive structures have been erected already.

He also praised the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), an NGO operating in the chiefdom, for what he referred to as a work well done.

He also made particular reference to the market center constructed by NaCSA, pointing out that the said center has been transformed into an international market center where traders within Sierra Leone and Guinea converge each Sunday to transact business.

This he noted, has impacted positively on not only the revenue generation undertakings of the chiefdom, but also on the overall development and popularity of the chiefdom.

He went on to state that it is part of the proceeds derived from the market dues that the payment of salaries to the chiefdom administrative staff is made possible.

On the issue of clean and safe drinking water in the chiefdom, the Hon. PC Alimamy stated that the Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO), has already rebuilt the dam and that actual work will soon start to ensure that the facility become accessable to the entire township.

He ended by making a passionate plea to trained teachers to volunteer to assist the schools in his chiefdom, noting that the chiefdom has 5 schools including a Junior Secondary School.

He assured would – be volunteers that the chiefdom will provide them with accommodation and other basic needs to enhance their stay in the chiefdom.

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