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Bank Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone assures Massam Kpaka
By Sahid V Vandy
Apr 20, 2006, 15:12

The Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone, Dr. J.D Rogers, has assured the people of Massam Kpaka chiefdom of maximum support through the introduction of the Electronic, Infrastructural and Development programmes which he believes will improve the status and outlook of the chiefdom.

The Bank Governor made this assurance while delivering a statement on Sunday 12th April 2006, at a function marking the commissioning of a developmental structure that has been put in place by the government of Sierra Leone, through the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA). He appealed to the citizens of the chiefdom for their cooperation in complimenting the efforts being made by government to effect much needed development initiatives across the country.

According to the Governor, the people should consider themselves as useful stake holders in national development.

He also informed them of the modalities being put in place by the government to ensure effective internal serenity and safety of the entire citizenry.

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