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Showers of Praises for Sierra Leone's Chief Justice Ade Renner Thomas
By Awareness Times
Apr 21, 2006, 14:30

Several Sierra Leonean Lawyers living in the Diaspora have contacted Awareness Times newspaper to heap praises on the Lord Chief Justice of Sierra Leone, Hon. Dr. Ade Renner Thomas. The lawyers all say they are very impressed with the efforts of the Chief Justice in lifting the state of the Judiciary in Sierra Leone.

The Lord Chief Justice, Dr. Ade Renner Thomas.

These Diaspora based Sierra Leoneans were particularly impressed with the paper entitled "Overview and Significance of the New Rules of Court" delivered by the Chief Justice during the Workshop of Friday April 7th 2006. Awareness Times, as usual, broadcasted the entire paper of the Chief Justice over our highly visited two international websites. Our email box immediately became flooded with numerous emails from Sierra Leoneans around the world.

Most of the emails were effusive in their praises of the Honourable Chief Justice. Lawyer Alimamy Dumbuya, esq. who runs a private law practice in North America, was one of the first to send in emails of support for the efforts of the Chief Justice.

"Those Rules as elucidated by the Lord Chief Justice have been long overdue. In a country where we usually hear only of retrogressive steps, the efforts of Chief Justice Renner Thomas are to be applauded. If the Chief Justice can now firmly without fear or favour, implement those new rules, he would have gone a long way to raise the Judiciary from the depths it had sunk to." Lawyer Dumbuya wrote in his e-mail.

Also writing in was the son of the late Emile V. Carr. A practicing lawyer in the United Kingdom, Lawyer Charles Bamikole Carr who lectures Law at the University of Westminster, stated that as he read through the Chief Justice’s Paper on The New High Court Rules governing civil litigation procedure in Sierra Leone, the first thing that sprang to his mind, was that ‘A Word To The Wise is Quite Sufficient’.

"Such a message reaffirms strong leadership warning in an efficiently run institution, particularly in a legal institution such as the judiciary, where there are needs to display independence in the managing of the country’s laws and customs." Lawyer Carr wrote in a lengthy e-mail article he sent to Awareness Times.

Another Sierra Leonean Lawyer, Kai Pokawa Esq., a Litigation Lawyer with vast experience, who was recently employed by the British Home Office to Advise Prisoners on Legal and Bail matters also sent in words of praises for the Chief Justice after he read about the new Rules of Court from the Awareness Times website.

"I read with absolute Joy and delight the papers presented on the Civil procedure Rules of the Courts in Sierra Leone. Any one who has been remotely involved in the practice of civil litigation will be delighted at this gigantic step to help drag our Court Procedure Rules in to the 21st century. This is an exciting development within the judicial system of our Country." Pokawa stated.

Continuing Lawyer Pokawa stated, "Procedural rules form the most important corner stone of the whole Civil law practice. Especially when one considers that well over 80% of actions brought in the courts never actually make it to Trial stages. They are settled before then."

Locally in Sierra Leone, many lawyers who were contacted by Awareness Times, also re-echoed the same sentiments. The general view is that these rules implemented by C.J. Renner Thomas are going to fast-track justice in Sierra Leone.

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