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Chief Accountant of the Makeni Council in Sierra Leone dies suddenly
By Theophilus S. Gbenda (Just back from Makeni)
May 2, 2006, 15:09

The Chief Accountant of the Makeni Town Council, Lamin Turay, 33, has died in circumstances many people in the township have viewed with suspicion and disbelief.

According to family sources, Mr. Lamin Turay on Saturday April 29th 2006 spent the whole day at his office doing a number of official jobs ahead of an impromptu parliamentary hearing.

The sources said he left his office at about 2100hours that Saturday and retired home to prepare himself for the trip to Freetown to face parliament on a number of issues which needed clarification.

Those who saw him that day said he was in a perfect condition and that no one would have thought he was going to die hours later.

Reports however have it that in less than two hours after his return home, he fell into coma and was immediately rushed to the Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni for treatment.

As God could have it, his condition kept deteriorating until he finally gave up in the early hours of Sunday 30th April 2006.

Before news about his death could spread around, officials of the council, led by the current Chairman, Andrew Kanu, had already conveyed the corpse to Freetown.

When the news later broke out in the township, everybody was caught up in utmost surprise, with some attributing it to a fetish handiwork brought about as a result of a serious power struggle that has engulfed the Makeni Town Council of late.

No postmortem examination was conducted, and he was buried yesterday.

Meanwhile, Makeni township is awashed with talks suggesting on the one hand that the former Chief Accountant may have died because of heart attack as he was of late been ‘harassed and intimidated’ by some council members who were bent on seeing his back because of his alleged close relationship with sacked Council Chairman, Musa Mansaray.

Another school of thought on the possible cause of death of the Chief Accountant is that he too was under serious investigation for alleged misappropriation of Council funds, something which had caused the APC party to intervene, being that the Council is APC dominated and that his appearance before a Parliamentary Committee may have exposed certain dealings which could have been possible avenues for his prosecution.

So far, Council has extended its condolences to the bereaved family and have expressed total regret at the loss of someone they referred to " haven helped in the development of the local government system in the district."

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