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Africell Sierra Leone launches in Moyamba
By Abu Bakarr Munu
May 26, 2006, 12:59

One of Sierra Leone’s fastest growing mobile telecommunication networks, Africell, has taken yet another laudable leap by extending its valuable service to Moyamba and Bo districts in Southern Sierra Leone. The Moyamba network was launched on Wednesday, 24th May 2006.

Chief Administrator at the Moyamba District Council, Mr. Mannah,

Launching the Moyamba network, the Chief Administrator at the Moyamba District Council, Mr. Mannah, thanked the Management and Staff of Africell for taking what he referre"a classic development to the Moyamba District," adding that the people are very much appreciative of the move.

He pleaded with the Management of Africell to erect more masts, so as to ensure a wider network coverage that will cover the surroundingIn his remarks, the Marketing Manager of Africell, Mr. Berlinda Deigh said the people of Moyamba have every reason to be happy, now that they have been connected to the Africell network.

Traditional dancer entertaining guests at the ceremony

He said 14 months after the establishment of the it has been able to cover about 85% of the country, adding that apart from the rapid growth, the company provides the cheapest and most reliable mobile telecommunication service in the country.

He said many people are referring to Africell as "PR He assured the people that Africell is in Moyamba to stay forever.

Chairperson Mrs. Theresa Lamin together with L.A.S Lamin making a statement

The Marketing Manager went on to indicate the company’s network coverage areas as at now which include; FreeTokeh, York, Rotifunk, Moyamba, Mano, Mile 91, Bo, Kenema, Segbwema, Koidu, Sefadu, Bagbema, Magburaka, Makali, Makeni, Lunsar, Port Loko and Kambia. He assured that areas such as Kabala, Rutile, Tongo Fields, Tombo, Daru, Pendembu and Masiaka will soon be connected.

The Principal of the St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary School in Moyamba, Mrs. Theresa Lamin, served as Chair person of the ceremony. In her remarks, she emphasised the importance of communication in the life of any human being, as a means of ensuring easy conduct of modern-day business from far and near. She acknowledged Africell as one of Africa’s big telecommunications company which has established itself in many parts of African continent.

Moyamba Town Council Chairman David Woobay sitting with Mrs . Theresa Lamin Chairperson for the ceremony

In Sierra Leone, Mrs. Lamin observed that Africell can boast of 85% coverage and therefore called on the locals of Moyamba to partron, as she puts it, "their service is of quality and it is reliable."

The coming of Africell to Moyamba, Mrs. Lamin noted is a good thing as it has made the competition more keener, and pointing out that competition is good for every aspect of human endeavour.

Representing Paramount Chief, Madam Koblo Gelada, Chief Sillah noted that with the coming of Africell to Moyamba, communication has been made more accessible and affordable to the people. He went to note that this development will ensure the bringing of the people of Moyamba who are far away very much closer to those at home. "What ever we here today can be transmitted to our sons and daughters abroad in the next minute, thanks to telecommunication, thanks to Africell," he said. He went on to laud the bringing job opportunities to the door steps of the youth of the district. He encouraged the people to stick to Africell and ensure its sustainability in the district.

The Moyamba District Council Chairman, Mr. David Woobay, in his statement pointed out the importance of trade liberalization for any economy, noting that it encourages competition which as well ensures a viable free market economy with a wide spectrum of choice open to the consumer. He thanked the management and staff of Africell for taking the bold initiative to venture into Moyamba. He described the company’s move as reflective of its confidence in the quality of its service to the people. He also noted that with the intervention of Africell, the people of Moyamba have been further connected to the whole world, with particular reference to the sons and daughters of the district in the wider Diaspora.

The District Chairman also thanked Africell for venturing into the district as it will add to the revenue base of the district, pointing out that the company will surely undertake certain social development programmes for the general improvement of the welfare of the people of the district. He assured Africell of the Moyamba District Council’s fullest cooperation and support.

He encouraged the people of the district to patronize and to as well show respect for the properties of the company. He warned the youths in particular to desist from the habit of pasting posters on company bill boards, as the companies are paying plenty of money as surface rents for those advertising materials.

The Human Resource Manager of Africell, Ms. Evelyn Peters, earlier introduced staff members of Africell, while the introduction of community elders was done by Chief Sillah.

Africell’s Customer Care Manager Ms. Kavitha Bale gave the vote of thanks.

Donation of mobile phones and SIM parks certain stakeholders within the Moyamba community climaxed the occasion.


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