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In 2007, Kadi Sesay as First Lady of Sierra Leone or Kadi Sesay as Vice President of Sierra Leone?: Pictures Tell A Thousand Words
By Awareness Times
May 28, 2006, 14:31

She is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women that Sierra Leone ever produced. She is also well educated and has a very commendable character. Over the years, she has risen from an unknown widow who lost her husband under tragic circumstances several long years ago to become the Head of the English Department at the nation's only University back then and moved on to head the National Commission for Democracy and she is now a self-confident female politician who commands immense respect nationwide.

She is one of Sierra Leone's women of substance and right now, there is a rising chorus for her to be considered as running mate to the Honourable Vice President of Sierra Leone. This beautiful woman who obviously shares an undeniable chemistry with the Vice President is someone to watch as the next twelve months go by. She is Dr. Kadi Sesay, the Honourable Minister of Trade and Industry in Sierra Leone.

Enjoy the pictures below

Kadi and Solo dancing at Port Loko


Enjoying a Light Moment

At a High Table on tour

Dr. Kadi Sesay

Braving the roads to reach out to all

Lokomasama Chiefdom seems to have a message to tell the world

The Hon. VP and the Minister

The Regal Kadi Sesay

Assisting the Honourable Vice President to commission a NaCSA Project

Listening attentively as he speaks

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