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United National People's Party Elects New "Leader" in Sierra Leone
By Awareness Times
Jun 19, 2006, 21:56

Mr. Abdul Kady Karim: New UNPP Leader

The United National People’s Party (UNPP) on Saturday, June 17th 2006 elected a new Leader in the person of Mr. Abdul Kady Karim following two days of its annual delegates conference held at the Atlantic Hall of the National Stadium in Freetown. The convention which started on Friday, 16th June had four Hundred and Fifty delegates drawn from constituencies across the country were in attendance to choose between Mr. Abdul Kady Karim and Mr.Mohamed Ben Kamara for the coveted position of Leader and Presidential Flag bearer of the party in the 2007 elections.

Mr. Mohamed Ben Kamara: Loose the election aginst Abdul Kady Karim with ten vote

In his opening remarks the Acting Chairman and Leader of the Party, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Taylor Kamara said the election of a new leader is in keeping with the constitution of the party, which has it that at the end of every five years, the party’s delegate’s conference should elect a new leader for the party.

Delegate doing open voting

Mr. Kamara also noted that the UNPP is on the verge of capturing power from the SLPP and as such was putting its house in order by having a competent, reliable and trustworthy person as leader in whom Sierra Leoneans in their totality could have confidence in entrusting their destiny with.

Abdul Kady Karim and his wife Haja Adiatu Sahid-Karim

Mr. Taylor Kamara condemned both the APC and SLPP for not "doing anything to improve the status of Sierra Leoneans and the country". He charged that the poor and undeveloped state of Sierra Leone is as a result of bad governance, corruption, tribalism, nepotism and greed perpetuated by both the APC and the ruling SLPP during their respective periods of power over Sierra Leone.

the out going Leader Mohamed A Taylor Kamara

The UNPP outgoing Acting Chairman went on to state that his party is the only one with the remedy for the numerous socio-economic and cultural problems Sierra Leone has found itself since independence. According to Mr. Taylor Kamara, it is due to all these "unfortunate occurrences" that Sierra Leone needs a radical departure from "these archaic systems of governance and administration", and added, "The 2007 election is not just about voting in the sense of it. It is about putting Sierra Leone first and giving back to the people what they morally and democratically deserve".

Another cross section of Delegates at the Conference hall

The voting which was done by an open show of hands was won by Mr. Abdul Kady Karim; a Chartered Accountant scored 405 votes as against 10 scored by his challenger, Mr. Mohamed Ben Kamara.

Delegates getting ready to vote

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Karim thanked the party delegates for electing him and assured them that he will do everything as leader to promote the aspirations and objectives of the party in the interest of the nation. He also promised to do everything he could to win the 2007 elections within democratic principles. He referred to himself as; caring, God-fearing, knows so much about the Sierra Leone internally and internationally, has an unencumbered vision, he above tribalism, nepotism and regionalism and that for him, Sierra Leone matters more than himself.

Professor Abdul K Karim introducing his wife to the Delegate

He went on to explain how he will handle the issue of the youth, unemployment, economic hardship, corruption, bad governance, lawlessness, indiscipline, marginalization, culture and tradition etc.

Mohamed Ben Kamara addressing Delegates before the election

He noted, "It will not be easy to reverse these ills that the APC and the SLPP have afflicted on this nation, but we can do it together, it is will require an equality of sacrifice not a sacrifice of equality," Mr. Abdul Kady Karim the new UNPP Leader stated.

Abdul Kady Karim also addressing the Delegates before the election

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