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Kanji Daramy: The Ghost of ill Social and Political Dogma in Sierra Leone
By Karamoh Kabba
Sep 18, 2006, 01:09

In my opinion, the people of Sierra Leone have resolved for a good statesman over resurrection of the ghost of ill social and political dogma. In Edward MacCurrdy's The Notebooks of Leonardo Davinci, we learn that The cock does not crow until he has flapped his wings three times. And, the Parrot passing from branch to branch never puts his foot where he has not first fixed his beak.

Before delving into what I see as the ignorance of Kanji Daramy’s globalization knowledge-base bankruptcy, I will first draw our attention to President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah infamous experiments with the aphorisms of Leonardo Davinci.


In my opinion, on September 3-4, 2005, in Makeni, President Kabbah, clearly stifled democracy through the power of incumbency during the S.L.P.P convention. It was solely meant to shadow his post replete with ineptitude and corrupt administration. He ushered in Vice President Berewa, who would only become a liability to the S.L.P.P.; that in itself is egocentricity.


As far as I am concerned, the Biriwa chieftain incident has become too clear to many people; that President Kabbah manipulated a chieftain election based on tribalism.


Without reservation, it is another excellent example of bad governance and selfishness.


Before that I believe that President Kabbah and Vice President Berewa had teamed up to influence a chieftain race in the Kono District, Sandor Chiefdom. An heir to the throne was disqualified based on his lack of patriarchal lineage. The winner of the Biriwa chieftain’s matriarchal lineage to the throne certainly contradicts the principle, cloaked in local realpolitik, upon which the Biriwa paramount chieftain right was made permissible.


The constitutional argument with regards NEC put aside, trampling on tradition is an unconcealed wrong precedent. This action just denuded of Kabbah’s narcissus intentions of protecting his 10-long-year ill accumulation of wealth at the expense of the egestuous sector of the population.


According to information that reached the Sierra Leone international communities, the winner of the Biriwa paramount chieftain should have been disqualified in the first place based on lack of paternal lineage to the throne. Apparently, in my opinion, tribalism took precedence over principles in that election, [like President Kabbah, the winner of the Biriwa race is a Mandingo].


What kind of transitional leadership is President Kabbah passing on to the people of Sierra Leone?


In this month’s edition of The Timbuk-Vision magazine, Sidie Yahya Tunis , in his well researched article wrote;

It was not a lip service: referring to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf inaugural proclamation to bring light to Liberia . In 150 days, her administration brought light to Monrovia [Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf] , which is a manifest transformation of apathy and hopelessness to fortitude and hope for majority of Liberians who have been living in postwar despondency. The irony; President Tejan Kabbah left his people in a close to 3650-day old darkness flew to Liberia to open a power station that has been made possible by President Johnson-Sirleaf in 150 days in power.


The cock has flapped his wings three times to crow and the parrot has fixed his beak where he is going to put his foot. But we must warn the president and his vice; any attempt to pock-mark the upcoming elections would be tantamount to instability.


Whereas the S.L.P.P. would be neglecting its only claimed accomplishment of bringing peace to Sierra Leone, on which it is running the 2007 presidential campaign, which is for now cloaked in sensitization, the most abused word in present day Sierra Leone  politics.


Now is the time to duel on Mr. Daramy ignorance, especially in history and globalization: Like Mr. Daramy, I refuse to go back to ancient Athens for good example of good governance because we have good examples in ancient Ghana , Mali and Songhay as well. Thus, according to Mr. Daramy’s narrow thinking of what is right, we must as well tap into the experience and expertise of the Sultan Kunburu assembly of scholars in Jenne in ancient days:


They totaled 4,200, and he made a profession of Islam before them, and told them to call upon God Most High to grant the city three things: Firstly, that anyone who fled there from his homeland in poverty and distress should have this translated by God into luxury and ease, so that he may forget his homeland; secondly, that more strangers than local folk should settle there; and thirdly, that those who came to

trade there should lose patient and grow weary over selling their goods, and so dispose of them cheaply, allowing the people of Jenne to make profit.


Now, do we retrogress into kingship because the Sultan Kunburu demonstrated then a true meaning of the due rights of refugees, knowledge of market economy and innovation in an ancient civilization?


The fact that kingship, aristocracy and democracy combined is the true form and near to perfect democracy, however, we have learned by experience that kingship is characterized by absolutism, aristocracy is a rule by the few privileged people and democracy [please do not misinterpret the true meaning of democracy for its modern usage] is a rule by the mob, why do President Kabbah and Mr. Daramy want to champion the propagation of kingship in the twenty first century?


There is no way for the Prince's principle of the dual fight by law and by force in present day Sierra Leone , on the wherefore, the later kicks in when the former is insufficient. Wherefore, the former is of men and the later is of beasts.


At this junction, I must remind us of our youths' highly spirited nature with the war of words in music over the war of arms to harm.


Categorically speaking, we refuse to blindly follow the S.L.P.P. backwards thinking leadership. Political and social issues can be clarified by argument rather than by force and dogma.(Plato)


The Kabbah government selfish disposition has invariably engaged backward gears whenever and wherever that need arises in the absence of innovative thinking where abound thought-provoking issues, and thus we have been going thirsty in the abundance of water.


Let me make a suggestion to Mr. Daramy and President Kabbah: Have a paramount chief come out on the national radio, swinging with the following hypothetical statement:


With an increase in local tax revenues in my chiefdom and the extra Le 25,000 we have added to local mining licensee, we approximated that we can build dining and kitchen facilities in all the primary schools in my chiefdom school systems and serve breakfast in school. This will not only well-prepare our children to learn, it will also encourage them to be in the classroom on time if they must have breakfast in school. There are also plans to tap into other sources of revenue to upkeep the program. The other chief will copy this brilliant example from one of theirs.


The above hypothesis is what decentralization should be about to turn the chiefs into administrators of their local governments social services, not to garnish their heads with taller crowns and transform their highchairs into wheelchairs by instilling kingship from Ghana into Sierra Leone .


Also, please Mr. Kanji you must desist misinterpreting Kofi Annan respect for tradition as subordination. These kinds of examples and supporting statements are misleading wordsmith.


In my opinion, Mr. Kanji Daramy has been invariably consistent with writing and speaking diatribe and this has exposed his extreme ignorance of the issues and what globalization is about over and over. For a lesson; globalization has more to do with the acceptance of popular ideas, maxims, good political and economic systems across national borders than the little corner where Kanji has constrained his narrow thoughts process as demonstrated by his espouse.


Kingship is outdated, Sir. We beg that you take your kingship and princely example elsewhere. In Sierra Leone , the Positive Change ideal is bent on denying you and your boss the kingship for which you are longing.


The author of this piece is Mr. Karamoh Kabba, the Spokesman for the Opposition P.M.D.C. in the United States. In line with the  policy of this newspaper, the original article sent in has been editted before publication.

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