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Fourah Bay College starts 180th Anniversary in Sierra Leone
By Sayoh Kamara
Nov 27, 2006, 16:51

Mr. Moses A.Showers, Chairman of the FBC 180th Anniversary poses for the cameras at the Lumley Beach Resort last Saturday

Students of FBC clad in their 180th Anniversary T-shirts in jubilant mood at the Beach Resort

The Rigistrar of FBC, Mr. S.N.Dumbuya exchanging courtsies with Mr. Emmanuel O. Grant an alumni of FBC

Group picture of the dynamic staff of the FBC Registry showing difference in their sun hats

Happy students in happy mood

Female students relaxed under the shade of the Beach Resort canopies enjoying their drinks

A table of 'high-class' students notably from the Mass Communication Detarment of FBC

The Head of the Mass Communication Department, Mrs. Bernadette Cole clad in her anniversary t-shirt and enjoying a scene jubilating students along the beach

Student members of the Auradicals fraternity club provided lively scenes at the Beach Resort after the long walk

The Auradicals saluting their colleague students on arrival at the Beach Resort

The Auradicals Club at FBC walking to the Lumley Beach chanting inspirational songs

The Deputy Vice Chancellor and Principal of Fourah Bay College, Prof. Redwood- Sawyer poses with a First year student in the Dept. of Mass Communication, Amara Femoh

Friends of Fourah Bay College from Braxton in the United Kingdom chatting with the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone, Professor Kpakima

Professor Kpakima in close discussion with one of the Friends of Fourah Bay College

The Liberals Clubs of FBC also took active part in the sponsored walk

The walk was not only to highlight FBC's achievement in 180 years. The students manifested delight for being part of the celebration

A view of the Lumley Beach Resort

A cross section of the senior staff of FBC: Mrs. Bernadette Cole in orange cap is Head of the Mass Communication Dept, Prof. Redwood Sawyer, Principal of FBC and Mr. S.N.Dumbuya, Registrar of FBC in warm exchanges under the cool and refreshing Beach Resort canopies

Mrs. Bernadette Cole, Head of Mass Comm. Dept

The back of t-shirts worn by Fourabites indicating the 180th Anniversary logo

The Radio Mount Aureole, the teaching Radio of the Mass Communication Department of FBC provided live coverage of the sponsored walk. Here the Head of Programmes, Munda Rogers, is playing the Disc Jockey role-playing music and commenting on the event.

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