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Sierra Leone's Police Boss Brima Acha Kamara Should Go Nowhere!
By Awareness Times
Apr 16, 2007, 20:14

We at this medium have noticed a recent sustained campaign to pull down the hardworking Inspector General of Police, Brima Acha Kamara, right on the eve of the lifting of the ban on campaigns for the upcoming General elections. Some are even daring to call for him to be removed from office. We submit that he should go nowhere!

The IG has been forced to call up a Press Conference last week Friday during which he debunked all the allegations including the lie that he was simultaneously building several houses.

We, at this medium want the Inspector General of Police to know that his work at keeping our nation well policed is appreciated by many well meaning media practitioners.

As we had once published, Acha Kamara is a national figure and not a tribal figure. He is seen as a non-partisan figure and therefore his leadership of the Sierra Leone Police on the eve of such a crucial, post-war, constituency-based elections will lend far more credence to the elections than any of those his subordinates whose credentials might be burnished for the reading public.

Those who have long been used to lawlessness during electioneering campaigns should realize that it is time to subject themselves to the laws of the land. These elections are going to be conducted freely and fairly and the populace trusts the non-partisan Brima Acha Kamara.

Acha Kamara is the respected, highly commended Inspector General of Police in Sierra Leone and he is the one who is going to lead the policing efforts during the campaigns, during the elections and during the transition from our current President to our next President. He is going nowhere!

To end, we will point out again that the timing of those silly, unsubstantiated, attacks on our IG has raised a few eyebrows. With just a few weeks left for the lifting of the ban on campaigning, Brima Acha Kamara comes under such a sustained barrage of scurrilous attacks? Who does not want him to police the campaigns and why? Food for thought!

May God Bless Sierra Leone in 2007!

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