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Prof. Sia Tiyaama Exposes Assasination Hoax Timeline of APC & Standard Times in Sierra Leone
By Professor Sia Tiyaama
Jul 27, 2007, 16:49


The news about the attempted assassination of Ernest Koroma quickly unfolded into an embarrassment for the APC propaganda machinery.  All subsequent reports, including the interview of LUC F. U. K. Dabo indicate that there was no assassination attempt and that Ernest Koroma and his thugs made the story up after the unprovoked attack and beating of Tom Nyuma.  Given the recent history of Sierra Leone, it is a stark revelation of the character of Ernest Koroma to lie with such calumny to the people of Sierra Leone.  What Ernest Koroma and his APC cabal failed to realize was that Sierra Leoneans know that it is not in the political culture of the SLPP to kill opponents.  By all indications, Mr. Ernest Koroma is not a very bright man.  Had he been bright, he would have realized that even lying requires a good amount of intelligence.  Ernest Koroma should have realized that Sierra Leoneans know that the history of killing political opponents belongs to APC.  He should also have known that the cannibalism propaganda in 1967 would never work in Sierra Leone.  In addition, the circumstances behind the reporting of the incident suggest that Ernest Koroma knew exactly what was going on and they may have just staged everything to win sympathy votes and blame SLPP.  Let us look at the time line of events.


Standard Times Newspaper first reported the breaking news about the assassination attempt on the internet.  However, reading the accounts of both Standard Times and Ernest Koroma, there are major discrepancies when one examines the time.  If you go to Standard Times’ website, the report was posted at 2:46am.  According to Ernest Koroma, the incident happened at 4am.  The huge question is how the newspaper got the information before the incident even happened.  Something smells fishy here.  Did Ernest Koroma and his thugs plan the staged assassination attempt when they found out that Tom Nyuma was in the hotel?  Did they call the newspaper editor while they completed the plan to attack Tom Nyuma?  Shortly after the newspaper’s breaking news, PMDC came out with a press release about the same incident.  The press release was written by the Chairman of PMDC in Indiana who comes across more as a deranged chain-saw blood thirst killer than a chairman of a political party.  This same person threatened to mobilize some disgruntled Kamajors to overthrow the government by arresting the president and his cabinet.  That press release also indicated that Ernest Koroma was aware of such dangerous plans and was supposed to make a statement about that in parliament as an opposition leader.  It seems the APC and PMDC are coordinating all their dangerous activities.  Now go figure.  In addition, Ernest Koroma keeps saying things that make no sense at all.  For instance, Ernest Koroma said he was aware of a surveillance of his movement by Tom Nyuma while he (Ernest Koroma) was in Pujehun.  How does Ernest Koroma explain the fact that while he was in Pujehun, Tom Nyuma was in Koindu?  Does Ernest Koroma want us to believe that Tom Nyuma was in two places at the same time?  Some of these stories just do not add up.  Interestingly, Ernest Koroma had government provided guards but he preferred the RUF thugs to well-trained police and OSD guards.  This behavior by Ernest Koroma suggests APC was in a tightly knit coalition with the AFRC and RUF.  A wake up call is in order here for Sierra Leoneans.  Ernest Koroma told Sierra Leoneans his APC is new.  If Ernest Koroma can call the AFRC and RUF caboodle populating the APC new, then he needs to get out his class six Michael West dictionary and look at the definition of “new”.  It is a shame that Ernest Koroma can make up short incredible story just to discredit the election.  Should Sierra Leoneans be surprised?  I think not as the essence of APC is violence.  There is nothing like democracy in the vocabulary of APC.  The APC leader knows he will never win a free and fair election in Sierra Leone; therefore, the party resorts to every dirty trick and violence in the book to achieve their goal.  Some people have said Ernest Koroma is a gentleman.  I beg to differ.  A man is known by the company he keeps.  A gentleman does not hang around violent thugs who made a living out of killing and maiming innocent civilians.  A gentleman would tell the truth as a matter of principle.  Ernest Koroma is now hand in gloves with AFRC and RUF thugs; he continues to lie about the assassination attempt.  As such, he loses all credibility as a gentleman or an honest being.



The closer we get to elections, the clearer the APC, and PMDC plans become.  In my last article, I argued that APC and PMDC seek to resort to violence with the aim of having the elections nullified to call for an interim government.  The plan has now shifted in high gear with some modifications.  The APC and PMDC have decided to resort to violence whenever the go to the SLPP strong holds.  Some readers may wonder why the APC and PMDC would do such a thing.  The answer is simple.  According to the electoral laws, NEC has the authority to cancel elections in areas where there is violence.  Therefore, the APC and PMDC make sure that whenever they go to an SLPP strong hold in the Southeast or the North, they provoke violence.  If no one responds to their provocation, they make up stories just like the one about Maada Bio.  Even where SLPP stalwarts are not present, the APC and PMDC members will make up stories.  Another case in point was the Segbwema incident wherein a PMDC member claimed to have been kicked by John Benjamin at a time when the accused was out of the country.  The assassination hoax is part of this grand plan.  Reports from Bo indicate that the beating up of Tom Nyuma was a deliberate attempt to provoke the SLPP supporters in Bo to retaliate so that Ernest Koroma would declare that he was prevented from campaigning.  It is refreshing that the SLPP through the thorough leadership of Solomon Berewa did not fall for that.  Nevertheless, the National Electoral Commission must think very carefully about the nefarious plans hatched by the unholy alliance of Margai’s PMDC and Ernest Koroma’s APC.  It will be unfair for NEC to nullify elections in SLPP strong hold when it is clear that the two opposition parties planned these violent confrontations.  NEC must not disenfranchise the people of the Southeast because of APC and PMDC’s violent provocation.  The APC and PMDC are aware of the fact that they have already lost the elections.  The people of Sierra Leone should be allowed to exercise their rights and not be forced by the APC/PMDC thugs to abandon such rights.



Ernest Koroma should be worried about few things. First, is he going to allow his thirst for power to expose the ungentlemanly façade he has been putting on all his life?  Second, Ernest Koroma should be worried about the Kono’s rejecting him because of the fact that he only declares he is married to a Kono woman during the elections.  Third, he should be worried about the Kono’s knowing that he was never on talking terms with his father-in-law, Aiah Abu Koroma because he (Ernest Koroma) allegedly abandoned his wife in London who happens to be A. A. Koroma’s daughter.  The Konos are aware of the fact that he is just using his wife’s ethnicity now because he wants votes.  That, fellow Sierra Leoneans, is not a gentleman’s behavior.  Last and most important, Ernest Koroma should know that his running mate Sam-Sumana might have been exposed as a fraud.  Mr. Sumana may have lied that he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Minnesota.  Ernest Koroma must be the most gullible and naïve politician Sierra Leone has produced, as he is the only person who seems not to know about the alleged shady life of Sam-Sumana.  More on this in my next article.

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