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In Sierra Leone, PMDC Rank & File Condemn Charles Margai
By Awareness Times
Aug 20, 2007, 11:11

In what has been twenty four hours of suspense, the opposition People's Movement for Democratic Change in Sierra Leone (PMDC), has gone through quite a few shock waves with the latest being this morning's public reaction over the BBC by the PMDC's National Financial Secretary, to the news of Margai's alliance with the All People's Congress. Mr. Sidikie Janneh from Bo has roundly and using very strong terms, completely denounced Charles Margai. Also speaking a few minutes ago to this newspaper, Mr. Sidikie Janneh has used even stronger words of denunciation against Charles Margai. Similar condemnation of what has been termed a "unilateral" and "unconsulted" decision has been pouring into our offices from PMDC stalwarts all over Sierra Leone. STAY TUNED.

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