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'Why We Went APC' - PMDC's Karamoh Kabba Speaks
By Karamoh Kabba of the PMDC
Aug 20, 2007, 22:43

One of the major reasons amongst great political thinkers in their quest for democratic ideals is human survival instinct to eradicate the survival of the strongest of the past. Thus, the general truth that politics is local cannot be taken for granted.


And the PMDC’s main reasons to support the APC in the imminent run-off presidential election are to ensure a more representative government, the survival of the PMDC as a political party and the creation of a third formidable political force for smooth running of democracy in Sierra Leone. Our decision is entirely for the aforementioned selfless reasons; it is not for personal gains.


The poll results clearly show a country sharply divided on regional lines. If the PMDC must be faithful to its third force political principle of integration of a society across regional lines, it must throw its weight behind a force that is readily predisposed to integrate with PMDC support.


Examining the poll results, most of our support is southeastern based. Supporting the SLPP will only strengthen the great regional political divide we have been preaching against all along. On the other hand, supporting the APC will make a difference in integrating a nation not just at the higher leadership but also at the grassroots level.


We are conscious that the SLPP feels betrayed by our simple existence because it is inclined to parochial and regional politics for its success in the runoff: That a good strategy for SLPP for its survival in the future is to decapitate the PMDC: That the APC is surely interested in keeping the PMDC around for its divide and conquer instinct. That is the simple truth folks. And we were left with the responsibility of making an organizational decision in the interest of the nation and our movement. Meanwhile, we knew that the only chance we have in building an inclusive government support base in the next five years to forever eradicate the regional and parochial politics in our country lies with the APC.


Most above all, Sierra Leone needs a force that will prevent an overwhelming majority Parliament under a single party. This will only help with a better democratic decision-making process.


Therefore, our support for APC is grounded in principles that sharply contrast speculations that Charles Margai wants power. That is why we are discouraging our members against any eagerness for power. We are warning our members who may be qualified to serve our nation to make building a great nation and a formidable PMDC a priority that should not be overshadowed by any enticement from the APC.


Charles Margai may have treated himself on his Birthday with an earlier pronouncement than we intended, according to the National Financial Secretary’s concern on BBC Network Africa morning program, does not mean the issue was not debated and agreed upon within the PMDC, both in Sierra Leone and in the diaspora.


In any case, the movement must stay alive; we urge all our supporters to throw their weights behind the APC. Our message is clear: Our country needs us to ensure a more representative government; PMDC must survive as a political party; and PMDC must help to ensure good democratic principles in Sierra Leone.


Karamoh Kabba

Director of Comm. & Media, PMDC—USA

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