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NDA and PLP join alliance with SLPP for a Berewa Victory in Sierra Leone
By Aruna Turay
Aug 27, 2007, 21:15

In a joint press conference held at their National Headquarters in Freetown, The National Democratic Alliance (NDA),together with the People’s  Liberation Party (PLP)  today 27th August 2007, made an official pronouncement in declaration of their total support for the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) Presidential Candidate to win the upcoming Presidential Run-Off Elections.


left to right-PLP Leader, NDA Leader and Momodu Koroma


The NDA and PLP have accordingly pledged to vote  the Honourable Solomon Ekuma  Berewa  as the next  President  of  the Republic of Sierra Leone, come the  Presidential run- off on the 8th of September and have called on all their supporters to do the same.


NDA Leader addressing the press


Speaking at the conferences, the leader of the National Democratic Alliance, Alhaji Amadu Boi Jalloh expressed his "deep and personal joy" to announce the NDA’s official declaration to join the SLPP to ensure the defeat of the APC at the Run-Off Elections.


Jalloh said as the party’s motto implies ‘respect for all’, they in the NDA have since displayed total respect for all Sierra Leoneans. He also disclosed that  after  four days of  extensive consultations and negotiations in separate conferences held by the NDA with its stakeholders, they concluded by agreeing  to give their loyalty for the Presidency to Solomon E. Berewa of the SLPP.


NDA Leader addressing the press


He said this is in line with their party’s philosophy which states among other things ‘the nation  first’; and as stakeholders  to the country’s political  development, they have thought it fit to put their country first by teaming with the SLPP as they believe  it  is the only party  that can successfully deliver the goods needed by this country at this time.


He said that he and other members of NDA have no hatred for the All Peoples Congress (APC) party, but said after their consultative conference, they unanimously came to the conclusion that the APC should not be given a chance to run the Presidential affairs of Sierra Leone for now.


NDA Leader addressing the press


"The APC is not ready to deliver the required goods to Sierra Leoneans at this moment," Jalloh said.


Jalloh called on all NDA supporters to vote for Solomon E. Berewa in the September 8 polls.


On a different note, he denounced the publication of his photograph alongside Ernest Koroma of the APC and Charles Margai of the PMDC. Jalloh explained that part of the consultative process had included him and his executive members meeting with the SLPP Leader and later the APC Leader to hold discussions with them. However, he strongly de-cried those who placed the picture on the Internet as proof of him having teamed up with Margai and Koroma.


He said it is only detractors who are going about wrongly displaying his photo along side that of  Honourable Koroma claiming that they have forged an alliance.



These were his words: “It is nothing but a fake, false and unconfirmed propaganda aimed at destroying the good image of the NDA party. It is true that the APC leadership called on us to have a consultative meeting  to ask the NDA close ranks with them, but without waiting for NDA’s confirmation, the APC went ahead and published  pictures of Mr. Koroma and myself taken after the meeting claiming that we have already merged  with the APC.”


NDA Leader addressing the press


Also speaking to journalists was the leader and flag bearer of the PLP, Dr. Baba Kandeh Conteh, who disclosed that the PLP has agreed to merge with the SLPP for the run-off. He further said that the decision to declare for the SLPP is out of the party’s national agreement, not a single man’s own. He called their decision a logical one that aimed at the development of Sierra Leone. He went on to say that  the PLP is very rational and called on Sierra Leoneans to take into cognizance the fact that since the APC have already won the majority seats in parliament, they should not be allowed to  hold on to the presidency again especially with the country's history of decades of corruption.


Conteh said an APC Parliament and an SLPP President will ensure active checks and balances.


PLP Leader addressing the press


“The PLP believes that if one party holds the presidency and the other holds majority seats in parliament, the country will be in a better balance,” he said.


He explained that the PLP members built the PLP under very high constraints, so they will not allow their sacrifices to fall into the hands of poor rulers. He called on all PLP supporters to vote in Honorable Solomon E Berewa on the 8th of September.


In thanking and welcoming the two parties to the SLPP Presidential Campaign, the Presidential running mate for the SLPP, Hon. Momodu Koroma, expressed his satisfaction as to the coming of the two parties in to the SLPP camp. He said these two parties have since been known for their pursuit in developing democracy even though they have been losing past elections.


Momodu Koroma addressing the press


Momodu Koroma said the PLP and NDA have made the right choice by joining the SLPP as it is only the SLPP that wins elections in Sierra Leone and peacefully allows the opposition to survive in order to contest future elections against the SLPP.  He ended his address by attesting that the SLPP is sure to win the presidential election.


Koroma expressed his disappointment over the behaviour of some APC supporters whom he described as having engaged on terror tactics since August 11th. Momodu Koroma cited an incident at Waterloo today where one SLPP supporter’s house was burnt earlier this morning. He said the police are already investigating the matter.


"The SLPP has worked very hard to be create the tolerant society prevalent in Sierra Leone where all can co-exist in spite of political difference of opinions. Sierra Leone should not ever be allowed to fall into the hands of people who will destroy the atmosphere of tolerance that we have created and resort to the practise of violence against dissenting voices." Koroma ended.


Momodu Koroma Welcoming the two Leaders

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