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Exposed: Senior United Nations Staff Caused Rigging of Sierra Leone Election - Valenzuela implicated
By Special Investigative Team
Sep 3, 2007, 18:22

Angelo Oversaw Criminal Conduct by Carlos Valenzuela Team which led to rigging of August 11 Elections

When a foreigner comes into another man’s country and breaks their laid down rules and laws, he is deemed to have engaged in criminal conduct. Even if the foreigner was sent here by the United Nations, contravening the laid down laws of Sierra Leone is tantamount to criminal conduct and evidence now available to this newspaper shows that the Carlos Valenzuela headed United Nations’ Technical Team attached to Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) have systematically broken our Electoral Laws of 2002 which actions have now enabled certain persons to rig the last August 11 Elections.

Ghost Names in Voter’s Register





Totally Rigged Elections!

We have investigated and found out from sources in Iraq and the United States that Valenzuela, who headed the Electoral Commission in Iraq, had to leave Iraq with his name listed number one on a list of most hated people who should be executed. The reports of how Valenzuela reportedly rigged the Iraqi elections abound and a quick investigative journalism will show that many Iraqis felt short-changed after Valenzuela conducted those elections.

However, Carlos Valenzuela with the assistance of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) where Arturo Valenzuela is a member of the Board, left Iraq with the conduct of the elections safely under his belt as "free and fair" according to the NDI.

From Iraq, Valenzuela arrived eventually in Sierra Leone though we are yet to hear from Victor Angelo just how it was that he arrived here (Sole Sourcing?)

In Iraq, Valenzuela ignored earlier laid down Iraqi Laws. The Americans, simply made up their own brand new Electoral Laws and Electoral Rules along the way for Valenzuela to go by. No problemo!

In Sierra Leone, Valenzuela met us already with our own laws but yet still, the evidence abounds that Valenzuela, for whatever reason, decided to contravene our laid down laws and proceed to undertake actions that have now resulted in the rigging of the August 11th 2007 Elections.

The concern now by many Sierra Leoneans who have since learnt of the Valenzuela efforts, is that if steps are not immediately taken to counter the conduct of Valenzuela, the upcoming Run-Off Elections will also get rigged.

For lack of space, Awareness Times will today list two developments which ensured rigging of last elections. Next edition, we will expound more.

1. FLAWED VOTER REGISTRATION: Our Electoral Laws are very clear. Sections 17, 19, 20 and 21 of the 2002 Electoral Laws of Sierra Leone were all openly flounted by the Carlos Valenzuela Technical Team. The result of the flawed process is that no opportunity was given to Sierra Leoneans to freely examine the Voter Register and challenge any fake names that would be listed as living in a particular ward or section.

Infact, the Provisional Voter’s Register was never openly displayed and the Final Voter’s Register at NEC is said to be guarded like Fort Knox by the UN Technical Team when in fact, according to our laws of the land, it should be easily accessible.

Information now available to this newspaper shows that many of the names listed down on the National Voters’ Register were ‘Ghosts’(ie: Non-Existent Fake Names!) and that moves were deliberately undertaken to swell the Register with such Ghost Names.

Additionally, information now in the possession of Awareness Times shows that hundreds and hundreds of Sierra Leonean citizens became disenfranchised on Elections Day when they went to vote and found out that their names had mysteriously disappeared from the Voter’s Register even though they possessed authentic Voter ID Cards.

Allegations are that those names were deliberately removed and other names inserted into their place. No-one seems to be able to give any plausible explanation so far for this anomaly and Victor Angelo who endorsed everything the Valenzuela Technical Team undertook, is not answering questions posed to him.

2. FAKE INDELIBLE INK EASILY REMOVED BY WHITEX: The so-called Indelible Ink used during the last Elections have been proved by this newspaper to be easily removable with cheap detergents like the locally made WHITEX bleach liquid. Investigations conducted by this press reveal that there is authentic Indelible Ink currently stored at the NEC Warehouse but yet still Carlos Valenzuela’s team insisted on bringing in this new weak and easily removable Indelible Ink.

The Combination of ghost names and ‘Indelible Ink’ that easily washes off, we now know to be the perfect recipe that was used by unscrupulous people to perpetuate massive multiple voting by individuals using the Ghost Names on the Voter Register which Register was never publicly displayed as the Laws of Sierra Leone call for.

In a subsequent edition, we will take a look at the Ballot Paper and Counterfoil. In the interim, many Sierra Leoneans are now calling for the Indelible Ink issue to be looked into and for the steps to be taken to totally block ‘Ghosts’ from voting this Saturday and to also allow the disenfranchised voters to cast their votes during the Run-off.

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