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Solomon Berewa Concedes Defeat to Ernest Bai Koroma in Sierra Leone.
By Bampia James Bundu
Sep 17, 2007, 19:00

Dr. Christiana Thorpe this morning announced that she and two of the five commissioners of the National Electoral Commission in Sierra Leone had decided to invalidate 426 polling stations in South East Sierra Leone, 6 in the Western Area and 45 in Northern Province. The two other Commissioners for East and South (Edward Nyalley and Winston Minah) walked out in protest as she announced Ernest Koroma of the APC as the newly elected President of Sierra Leone. Shortly after, Solomon Berewa issued a statement conceding defeat in the interest of peace and stability. The photographs of Koroma at Berewa’s residence to formally accept congratulations are posted below. President Koroma has been sworn in and those pictures will soon follow. Stay tuned.

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