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David Carew: Nominated Minister of Finance & Development for Sierra Leone
By Awareness Times
Oct 9, 2007, 16:11

Profile of the new Minister of Finance & Development


The new Minister of Finance & Development, David Omashola Carew is a relatively unknown figure in the country’s national politics but within the nation’s financial circles, he is generally regarded as THE Financial Guru who has successfully headed the nation’s Number One Accounting & Management Consultancy Firm, KPMG for the last ten years. He shares a close affinity with President Ernest Bai Koroma.

Carew, a product of the Sierra Leone Grammar School, has spent the last twenty eight years with KPMG since 1979 when he graduated from the University of Sierra Leone with a B.Sc Economics degree. He joined KPMG in August 1979 as a Graduate Accountant. He was seconded to KPMG Nigeria the same year and he worked in Nigeria till 1986 when he returned as an Assistant Manager.

In Nigeria he qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1982 and was again seconded to the northern state of Kanu, Nigeria. In the north he worked as an Audit Supervisor and was in charge of all KPMG’s clients in the banking and financial institutions industry, in Kanu. He was designated Training 'Manager’ for the three northern states in Nigeria, reporting to the Training Partner in Lagos.

On his return to Freetown, as Assistant Manager, KPMG he was Engagement Manager for 50% of the firm’s clients, managing the provision of assurance, taxation and secretarial services. He also handled the sensitive and major clients and also all the International referral jobs in the country. During the leave of the Resident Manager in the Gambia, David Carew acted as Relief Manager. During 1986 to 1988 David grew from Assistant Manager to Deputy Manager, Manager and Senior Manager.

In 1989, David Carew was admitted to Partnership Status in KPMG-Sierra Leone and again in 1991, he was made a Partner in the KPMG-Gambia operations. During that time he was the Engagement Partner for all the firm’s clients in Sierra Leone and the major and international referral client in the Gambia. During this period David set up the Management Consulting Services in Sierra Leone and the Gambia. He assisted the Senior Partner who was in charge of corporate finance work. He was also in charge of Forensic work with the Government of Sierra Leone as a major client.

David Carew is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Nigeria and also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Sierra Leone, where he is a Past President.

Until his nomination yesterday to be the new Minister of Finance and Development in Sierra Leone, David Carew was the Managing Partner for KPMG-Sierra Leone and for delivering KPMG services to clients in The Gambia and Liberia. His responsibilities included harnessing all the knowledge and resources available within KPMG both local and international to provide world-class service to all clients.

Carew’s appointment yesterday by President Ernest Bai Koroma was greeted with huge enthusiasm both locally and in the Diaspora. With a clean and very credible reputation, he commands a lot of respect from Sierra Leoneans who will be expecting him to deliver the same world-class service he provided his KPMG clients.

Aside from his services provided to Sierra Leone, Gambia, Ghana and Liberia, Carew, due to his brilliant accounting and auditing skills, is regularly sought to serve clients as far away as London, Middle East and the Far East.

David Carew is in his early fifties, happily married with two children. A Golf Enthusiast, his company, KPMG sponsors an Annual Golf Tournament in Sierra Leone. Carew is also known to be a philanthropist who regularly undertakes the payment of school and college fees for needy Sierra Leoneans.

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