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Hon. Kemoh Sesay Warns Ferry Operators in Sierra Leone.
By Bintu A Sesay
Dec 14, 2007, 17:12

The Minister of Transport and Aviation has issued a stern warning to ferry operators in the country to strictly abide by their travel schedules or risk being grounded. Addressing stakeholders in the sea transport sector at his George Street Office in Freetown

on Thursday 13th December, Hon. Kemoh Sesay expressed government’s concern over the operations of ferry services in the country which to a large extent have not met the expectations of the public. He said his ministry has realized that managements of the various ferries operating in our waters are merely concerned with maximizing profits to the detriment of the interests of government and the citizenry, albeit previous meeting held with the operators to improve on their services, they are yet to comply with their normal schedules to the public which he described as being tantamount to sabotage.

It is in that vein that the Honorable minister has, with immediate effect, warned them to give a second thought to the manner in which they fix their schedules in the interest of commuters or face punishable actions from his ministry. It was also agreed in that meeting that the Harbour Department of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority takes full control of sanitary and hygiene matters of all ferries and to conduct random inspection of these facilities.

The ferry operators further agreed with the Minister that their weekly operational schedules should be published in through media for the attention of the general public. The issue of increase in ferry fare was to be addressed later when their operations become satisfactory to the general public.

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