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Hindolo Trye & Fake Academic Credentials in Sierra Leone
Oct 20, 2008, 12:39

It is no longer a secret in Sierra Leone that the Minister of Tourism, Hindolo Sumanguru Trye (aka Champagne Guru) not only acts bizarrely but publicly urinates on himself whilst thrashing around onboard planes in mid-air. In an attempt to lash back at those who brought the sordid details of his behaviour to the attention of the public, the Minister last week called to question the academic credentials of others in the society.

Well, this newspaper has now been reliably informed by sitting parliamentarians from both the ruling party and the opposition that Minister Trye had a very difficult time getting approval by Parliament after he submitted to them academic credentials that he could not substantiate.

Hindolo Trye had submitted that he held a University Bachelor’s degree and also a Masters degree but when Hon. Eric Jumu of the Parliamentary Appointments Committee had expressed serious doubts as to the veracity of his claims, Hindolo Trye had promised to bring along his transcripts to Parliament which he is yet to do as of today’s date.

"We were not insisting that he should be a University graduate. You can be a Form 5 school-leaver and yet be a very capable minister. Our insistence was that his integrity was now under question because if he made false claims of his academic credentials, it calls into question his suitability to represent the interest of Sierra Leone as our Tourism policy maker," Hon. Bintu Myers another member of the Parliamentary Appointments Committee explained when contacted last weekend.

Interestingly, till date Hindolo Trye has not been able to substantiate these academic credentials he sent to the Appointments Committee. He was stood down several times as substantiation of his academic credentials were awaited but it was all in vain as he could not substantiate his University degrees. Eventually, he was approved because of alleged intense pressure from State House but many high profile APC supporters have quietly expressed serious discontent with the action of President Ernest Bai Koroma to continue to retain Hindolo Trye as the country’s Minister of Tourism.

"His behaviour and the type of interviews he has been granting to the media has seriously embarrassed the APC and we are already regretting why our MPs had not just stood firm and refused to approve his nomination until he substantiated his academic claims," an APC Youth Activist lamented to this newspaper.

Meanwhile, attempts made by this newspaper last Friday to cross-check with Mr. Trye as to his exact academic credentials, if any at all, were met with a barrage of foul invectives launched at the Publisher of this newspaper over the telephone. When he was responded to in choice language, he ran off to the Police in a manner similar to how a stray ‘okuru’ street dog having been well disciplined for rudeness, would run off with his tail between his legs.

At the New Englandville Police Station, Hindolo Trye filed a complaint that he had been abused over the telephone forgetting all the earlier abuses he had himself been raining on the alleged abuser including questioning this newspaper Publisher’s own laudable and meritorious academic credentials.

The Awareness Times in this edition reproduces on page 10, by popular demand, past articles on Hindolo Trye’s urinations on planes.

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