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Hindolo Trye Exposed By Former Student in Sierra Leone
By Our Analytic Writers
Oct 21, 2008, 17:23

Mohamed El Tayyib-Bah, a well known Sierra Leonean activist has published from the United Kingdom, a chronicle of events of how the 1977 Students Demonstration was hatched and how it was betrayed by one man: Hindolo Sumanguru Trye. Meanwhile, those who agree with Tayyib-Bah’s chronicle now hold the belief that the current plight of Hindolo Trye who regularly disgraces himself by publicly urinating on himself whilst on board planes, was as a result of Divine Retribution.

Hindolo ‘Champagne Splashing’ Trye You will reap what you sow in this world

Bah’s piece, which will soon get to be reproduced in a subsequent edition of Awareness Times, exposes that Hindolo Trye is nothing but a fake who has been basking in an ill-deserved fame. The lengthy and very revealing article exposes that Hindolo Trye had infact not even wanted such a demonstration against the then APC Stevens regime. Additionally, it exposes that Trye had betrayed the actual architects of the demonstration by his unilateral decision to announce over the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service that all students should cease demonstrating against the then APC regime.

Mohamed El Tayyib Bah expresses how he felt using choice words.

"That I was shattered [by Hindolo’s betrayal] is an understatement. But so ended, by Hindolo Trye, the 1977 Students Demonstration which he had both personally to me and publicly to the student body, washed his hands off" Tayyiba Bah wrote.

Earlier in the piece, Bah explains that he was penning the chronicle down because he wanted "to set the records straight for an event which has had several offspring as well as a few pretenders who I can only best describe as shameless surrogate parents who are today basking in the glory of a birth which, although conceived by me, would never have been without the ‘complicity’ of God".

Meanwhile, unconfirmed but credible information reaching this press indicates that although Hindolo Trye will want people to believe that he only gets struck with the urinating and frothing "strange illness" whilst on board planes, the reality was that he had experienced the same symptoms right here on the ground in Sierra Leone.

One such incident allegedly occurred to him whilst he was visiting Kabala well before the APC ever won elections in September 2007 and he was made minister. One person who was present in Kabala at the time told this press, on condition of anonymity, that Hindolo Trye needs to stop making excuses for the occurrences and should realize that he was now more of a liability to the APC than an asset.

Another emerging school of thought is that Hindolo Trye’s repeated public disgrace that severally occurs to him might be a form of poetic justice. People now believe that these episodes are a divine way of paying him back for his attempts to publicly take the glory for the 1977 heroic stance by students; a glory that he ill deserves if the Chronicle by Mohamed Tayyib Bah is anything to go by.

"God Almighty is the one paying him back with these public disgraceful incidents. I strongly believe that he is now publicly reaping the pay for the betrayal that he sowed in 1977; In ’77, he first betrayed his colleague students and then went on to accept the credit for what those he betrayed had set out to undertake. For years, he took glory that was not due to him and so before he dies and goes to meet his maker in his grave, he must be relieved of that ill-gotten glory by being turned into a source of public ridicule. It is poetic justice," a former FBC student of the late seventies told this newspaper yesterday.

As promised, Awareness Times will publish the fascinating chronicle by Mohamed El Tayyib-Bah in one of our upcoming editions. It is a blockbuster and if it is the truth, then it crushes all of Hindolo Trye’s claims to being a student hero. Stay tuned for it. You cannot afford to miss reading that historical rendition by a true student hero, Mohamed El Tayyib-Bah who sincerely spearheaded in January 1977, "the tumultuous rise of Sierra Leonean students to exorcise the devil that had possessed, intoxicated and corrupted the leadership of the APC, the only political party then steering the country’s destiny."

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