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Herbert George-Williams is the new Mayor of Freetown in Sierra Leone
By Awareness Times
Jan 17, 2008, 21:01

His Worship the new Mayor of Freetown, Herbert George-Williams emerged today as the new Mayor of Freetown following a failed attempt by the sacked Winstanley Bankole Johnston to use Johnstons's Creole lineage to save himself from his political quagmire.

It will be recalled that Bankole Johnston was amongst those who recklessly exposed the minority Creoles to danger by spreading dangerous misinformation through Standard Times Newspaper that the Creoles had "ganged up" to "kick out" the then ruling Sierra Leone People's Party and replace it with the APC. Today, his APC Councillors have ensured he is kicked out of office and despite him planting desperate stories in the media in which he claimed he was being hounded out of office by APC Councillors because he was, in his own explanation to the local Premier News Newspaper, a "f*king Creole boy".

Mayor Herbert George-Williams who has been unanimously elected by his colleague councillors is also a bonafide "Creole boy".

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