From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Prostitution and Lesbianism among Teenagers in Sierra Leone
By Abdul Karim Kabia
Feb 5, 2008, 17:13

The direction in which the unholy and immoral practices of ‘prostitution’ and ‘lesbianism’ is moving especially as it has become rampant and a source for income among young teenage school going girls, is undoubtedly becoming alarming and a cause for concern.

In this and subsequent editions, the ROAMING PEN will critically be looking at these issues growingly becoming a tradition among young girls.

The Roaming Pen knows that nature designs sex, and that being responsible and becoming a model is a matter of choice. Therefore, why do some girls ignore role model choice and prefer indulging themselves in this shameful, immoral and illegal act of selling their prestigious bodies for few Leones?

Most of these girls who are engaged in this unholy act do so to satisfy their unlimited material wants. If only they remain content with the little they have, there is little need for them to stoop so low to sell their blessings for dressings.

The ignorant notion that has been inculcated by a large percentage of teenagers that ‘one man nor dae full up box’ is another reason to be blamed on prostitution. But does that in any way sound responsible to their ears? To me it rather sounds very foolish and unacceptable.

It is however, pathetic to note that a good number of these teenagers engaged in this act are from wealthy families. The question that begs for answer here is what exactly are they looking for? Even coming from a poor family does not excuse one into engaging in immorality as it is my belief that each and every one has a dignity to uphold.

Some may argue that they are not prostitutes albeit their numerous clientele as long as they are living with their parents. That is well and good, but what is really the difference between a commercial sex worker and a school girl who goes out with a male teacher or an elderly man capable of being her father, or worst still dating more than one boyfriend? Are these not tantamount to prostitution?

Teenage girls, while your likes are at Abacha Street totting trayful of wares to make genuine living out of petty trading, you are out there exposing yourselves to the risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs) that might cost you your very life. Shame on you!

Even if you may decide to stay with that lifestyle for as long as you can, you must bear in mind that human wants are insatiable! My advice to you is that stay home and go to school; or better still engage yourselves in gainful enterprises to avoid what failures would normally say: "had I know." Stop immorality of any sort as it only costs you your pride, future and even your life. Respect nature for being a special creation of God.

Now for a critical look at the immoral act of same sex activities. Lesbianism is the indulgence in same sex life by women. This practice has become a way of life for many teenage girls in our society to an extent that one hardly comes across a teenager at present that can be dissociated from the act.

It disgusts the Roaming Pen to see girls fighting each other over their fellow girls. Until now, this has never being part of our culture. The earlier you teenagers start realising that lesbianism should not be inculcated into our culture, the better for your future and that of beautiful mama Salone. This immoral act has become so much of a culture sort of that girls are no longer ashamed to display their lust in public. "With all these things unfolding, it simply means the world is coming to an end," a Religious Leader commented.

At first it sounded ridiculous to Roaming Pen, but the Pen was gripped with fear and disbelief when it eavesdropped a woman saying: "she is my girl friend" meaning the same love affair like between a man and a woman.

Girls fall in love with each other, jealous and even make love to themselves. What a disgrace! Why have you decided to demoralize yourselves to this level? Are you trying to make this pen believe you are no longer wanted by men? Or your sexual desire cannot be satisfied by them?

The roaming pen has even come to understand that these lesbians are forsaking their love relationships with men, reason being either because their fellow women go to an extent of forbidding them not to fall in love with men or that their concentration on same sex love life does not permit them time for the opposite sex. This is ridiculous, unbelievable and above all abominable!

"Na me girlfriend." What an arrant nonsense! It’s high time you started quitting this life of prostitution and lesbianism. Please sit and think. You are gradually losing your respect, integrity and pride. Quit lesbianism! Quit prostitution and build on the better future you have!

© Copyright 2005, Freetown, Sierra Leone.