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‘Fambul Tok’ Boosts Kailahun District Council in Sierra Leone
By Bampia J Bundu
Apr 9, 2008, 18:45

In collaboration with Catalysts for Peace, ‘Fambul Tok-Sierra Leone’ on Sunday 6th April 20087 donated 28 bicycles to the management of Kailahun District Council in a well attended ceremony District Council Hall in Kailahun town.

Speaking on behalf of the local NGO, the Director Mr. John Caulker expressed his delight for having direct dealing with the district executives since ‘Fambul Tok’ started its reconciliation drive. He said he was particularly happy to address them on the way forward for reconciliation and development.

He said they thought it fit to start the reconciliation drive at Bomaru as it was where the first gun was shot on the 23rd March 1991.

Mr. Caulker also disclosed that his organization will soon come up with a film crew to shoot up a documentary on the sensitization and reconciliation programmes.

He therefore encouraged the council authorities to work collaboratively with each other for the smooth flow of information to the stakeholders.

He admonished them to form a-five-man Youth Team to embark on active sensitization campaign in every chiefdom and section of the district so as to create awareness on the works of ‘Fambul Tok.’ He said the cycles donated must be handled with care as they are meant purposely for ‘Fambul Tok’ initiated activities. He disclosed that the items were bought by a member of Catalysts for Peace, Elizabeth Hottman.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the council the town chief of Kailahun, Maada Alpha Ndoleh commended ‘Fambul Tok’ for providing such facility to the council. He assured the donors that the items will be properly taken care of and used for their intended purposes. He stated further that the people indeed embrace programmes initiated by the organization as they were looking for an opportunity like the one provided to reconcile themselves. He accepted that after the war there were a lot of ex-combatants living with victims, but with ‘Fambul Tok’ both the victim and perpetrators have now reconciled.

Chief Ndoleh said when the programme initially started, the community people felt it was another TRC, but after several sensitizations, they realized that ‘Fambul Tok’ was different altogether. He promised the donors that they would continue to sensitize and reconcile the people.

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