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Last Updated: Dec 24th, 2013 - 16:45:31 
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Classdiving & Jan De Nul Group Wishes Sierra Leone Happy 50th Jubilee
Apr 20, 2011, 17:39
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An Under-water Construction and Marine Constract Company, Classdiving in collaboration with a Belgium based Dredging and Marine Construction Company, Jan De Nul Group both operating in Sierra Leone wish the President, H.E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, Vice President Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana and the people of Sierra Leone a prosperous and happy 50th Independence Anniversary celebration.

Classdiving and Jan De Nul Group have been working is Sierra Leone for years now in areas of under-water construction and Marine Contract.

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma

As part of their operations in Sierra Leone and in order to enhance trust and attract more businessmen, vessels and investors in Sierra Leone, Classdiving collaborated with the Sierra Leone Ports Authority to modernize the Sierra Leone Harbour to an international standard. To achieve this goal, MV Combi Dock 1, a sub-marine ship with a length of 165 meter and 25 meter width, docked at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay with a big dredge, Dirk Martens Combi left from Demark through the OBT Shipping Company to start operation in Sierra Leone and that project was successfully accomplished.

In another development, in a bid to upgrade the Sierra Leone Queen Elizabeth II Quay to a very standard quay department that will accommodate large ships, Classdiving and Jan De Nul Group also brought into Sierra Leone their dredging vessel named James Cook from Spain.

Vice President Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana

Classdiving is an approved agent for Jan De Nul Group, Dredging and Marine Construction in Belgium that has been operating in Africa since 1993 in construction and repairs of harbours and Jetties, specialised in areas of survey for World Bank projects in post- war countries such as Sierra Leone and Liberia; and also countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Angola, Congo, and Guinea. Classdiving is also partnering with the Martrade Marine Services based in the Netherlands and has so far been offering complete survey solutions to Africa Ports and Harbors, Bathymetric Survey, Side Scan Solar imaging, Sub Sea Bottom Profiling, Echo sounding for detailed surveys, Repositioning of Navigation Aid, for vessel traffic, repairing to harbors, ports, and jetty structures, Cathodic Protection, Cathodic Potential Survey, Anode rehabilitation, Emergency repairs, Pipe laying, and mooring handling among others.

Flexibility, reliability and quality are the major key words in the company, as well as customer discretion. Vessels can be surveyed, repaired & maintained where customers find it suitable, at offshore, on anchorage or at Port. Port consulting and Port facility Security reports are some of the key services offered by Classdiving. Whatever the need is in aspects of Survey, they have the solution for a fast reliable first hand knowledge of the Port’s structure, facility and details, upgrade of sea charts or test the ports construction structure (safe handling structure) steel and concrete super structures with non-destructive testing methods in inspection of port facilities.

Dedicated Classdiving CEO

Also, in fulfillment of the corporate social responsibility in Sierra Leone, Classdiving and Jan De Nul have been donating sets of football kits, earlier on donated to Classdiving by a renowned football club based in Wales, ‘Penycae Football Club’, to pupils of the Aberdeen Municipal Kindergarten and Primary Schools, Aberdeen in Freetown. Also in a like event, Classdiving and Jan De Nul donated brand new footballs, earlier on donated to Classdiving by Frederica Hansen, the daughter of Mr. Anders Peter Hansen, the Chief Executive Officer of Classdiving, who plays football in the United States of America.

At present, Classdiving Sierra Leone has a team of highly trained and qualified members in all scopes of work and survey aspects, with a manpower of forty-seven (47) Sierra Leoneans and four ex-patriates from Denmark, the United Kingdom and Ghana, who are presently involved in all sea based survey programs for Sierra Leone based companies such as the African Minerals Limited and London Mining Company Limited, Sierra Leone, as well serving as a contractor for the Vibrocoring Project for African Minerals.

Side View of the Dredging Vessel

Classdiving and Jan De Nul are also service partners with Fugro Seacore Project for African Minerals.

Classdiving CEO and APC Aberdeen Branch Executives After Inspecting the Dredging Vessel on Sea

Back View of the Dredging Vessel

The Donated Footballs.

The Donated Football Kits

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