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In Sierra Leone, Kono Produces West Africa’s Youngest Mayor
By Edward Koligbonda Tommy
Nov 30, 2012, 17:18

Kono district has produced the youngest Mayor in West Africa under the All Peoples Congress (APC) party ticket, in the person of the 32 years old, double Masters holder Saa Emerson Lamina. This is in fulfillment of one of President Koroma’s promises for the allocation of 10% Quota to youth involvement in mainstream politics.


Mayor Saa Emerson Lamina succeeded former Mayor Sahr Musa Sesay Gbenda, also of the APC party after contesting the November 17, 2012 Mayoral elections against Sierra Leone People’s Party’s Sia Elizabeth Tongu, Moses Yongai of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change, and Revolutionary United Front Party’s Hawa Kamanda, and successfully won the seat for Koidu District Council with 22,720 votes.

Mayor Saa Emerson Lamina


In an exclusive interview with Mayor Saa Emerson Lamina who visited our 17 Garrison Street office last night, he said he designed his manifesto from President Koroma’s Agenda for Prosperity and code named it “The 9 R’s”, symbolizing

  1. Respect for institutions and local authorities,
  2. Recharge the zeal in women, youth and the physically challenged,
  3. Restore infrastructural development to communities,
  4. Release resources on health care services, education, agriculture, energy and sanitation,
  5. Reform policies on own source, Revenue mobilization,
  6. Resist divisive partisan politics,
  7. Revamp relations with international non-governmental organizations, community based organizations, the media, and donor partners,
  8. Regain the glory of Koidu city through the support of the Inter-Religious Council and above all,
  9. Reign with the grassroots in naturalizing the Agenda for Prosperity.

Mayor Lamina also revealed that of all the mayoral candidates who contended the elections with him, he was the fittest, adding that he had worked in the council for three years as Deputy Chief Administrators where he gained vast experience in running the council’s operations.


He went on that as part of his contributions to the development of Koidu city, he is currently sponsoring free classes for both private and public examination students, awarding scholarships to meritorious students in the district, serving as philanthropist to organizations by providing free consultations to women and youth in that part of the country.


The Mayor-elect assured that his leadership will be based on thorough inclusiveness of women and youth and above all, on the ‘CAKE’ philosophy, interpreted as;



Knowledge and

Experience style of leadership.


He used the forum to further assure his people of an excellent service delivery leadership, whilst also thanking President Koroma and APC party for fulfilling the 10% Quota promised for youth empowerment.


The newly elected Koidu Sembehun City Mayor is a holder of two Masters degrees in addition to his first degree.

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