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Sierra Leone Cabinet: Geographic Distribution & Youths Question
Jan 7, 2013, 12:06

Ministry of Health & Sanitation takes up 10% of National Budget. Nominated Health Minister Ms. Miatta Kargbo who will supervise those funds is a dynamic young lady in her thirties.

32 years old Nominated Water Resources Minister Mr. Momodu Maligie is shown here with his son



Cabinet Ministers by Origin

Here follows the origins breakdown of the 19 full Cabinet ministers announced so far. They are assigned according to where they hail from, grew up within and/or have ancestral links with:


Dr. Kaifala Marah - Finance & Economic Development



Dr. Samura Kamara - Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation



Ms. Diana Konomani - Local Government & Rural Development



Mr. J.B. Dauda - Internal Affairs                                                       



Mr. Frank B. Kargbo - Justice & Attorney-General


Alhaji A.B.S. Kanu - Information & Communications   


FREETOWN (Magazine Cut)

Alhaji Osman Boie Kamara - Trade & Industry


FREETOWN (Wilberforce) & BOMBALI

Major (Rtd) A.P. Conteh - Defence


FREETOWN (Congo Cross)

Mr. Oluniyi Robbin-Coker - Energy


FREETOWN (Fourahbay/Cline Town)

Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray      - Mines & Mineral Resources



Ms. Miatta Kargbo - Health & Sanitation                                 



Dr. Minkailu Bah - Education, Science & Technology



Dr. J. Sam Sesay - Agriculture, Food Security & Forestry



Mr. A. P. Koroma - Works, Housing & Infrastructure



Mr. Momodu Maligi - Water Resources



Mr. V. C. Minah - Transport & Aviation



Mr. Moijueh Kaikai - Social Welfare, Gender & Children’s Affairs



Mr. Musa Tarawally - Lands, Country Planning & the Environment


FREETOWN (Kanikay/Mountain Cut)

Capt. M.A. Pat-Sowe - Fisheries & Marine Resources


So far, only Bo and Kailahun districts are yet to enjoy having full rank Cabinet Ministers hailing from there. However Kailahun currently enjoys having Deputy Ministers like Deputy Justice Minister Arrow Bockarie and Deputy Health Minister Foday Sawi. Bo district also has Randolph Foday Bayoh as the nominated Deputy Water Resources Minister. Also, though Arrow Bockarie is from Pendembu in Kailahun, he grew up in Bo and practised his law in Bo.

APC’s Source of Pride: Koroma &  T.R.C.’s Call for Youths in Cabinet

By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (A pro-APC opinion)

On yesterday’s date (January 6th) in 1999, Sierra Leone civil war reached pogroms when youths high on drugs and youthful former soldiers angry over the ill-thought executions of 24 soldiers, attacked Freetown. It was a day of horrors untold. When things settled down and peace eventually slowly returned, the country had so many questions for which the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was set up to elicit answers. One recommendations of the TRC was for urgent attention to be paid to YOUTHS of the country whom were found to have been at the helm of the committal of horrific atrocities. The question of youths was described as a “national emergency” needing the mobilisation of all in seeking answers.

In paragraph 42 of Chapter 3, Volume 2 of the TRC Report is highlighted a recommendation “to increase the level of representation for youths” in not only representative politics but specifically “in cabinet and government”. Furthermore, paragraphs 312-313 states:

“The denial of a meaningful political voice to the youth has had devastating consequences for Sierra Leone. More avenues for the youth to express themselves and to realise their potential need to be created. Political space should be opened up so that the youth can become involved in governance and in the decision-making process. Youths must have a stake in governance. The Commission recommends that all political parties be required to ensure that at least 10% of their candidates for all public elections are youths”.


This latter 10% recommendation for elections candidates has been transformed into an ad hoc lobby for 10% youth representation in all aspects of governance including the Cabinet. However, the truth is that whilst indeed the TRC Report called for an increase in youths in the Cabinet, it made no such call for a specific 10% inclusion of youths in Cabinet because, as can be well imagined, it is difficult to be able to find capable youths (i.e: under the age of 40 years) who can adequately handle positions as full-ranking Cabinet Ministers. We all recall the disaster known as the youthful NPRC Cabinet!! Thus, former President Tejan Kabbah ignored 10% youth lobbyists until he handed over power.

At this juncture, let me heartily congratulate His Excellency the newly re-elected President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, for proving his mettle once again with his inclusion of some 10% of capable youths in the 19-person Full Cabinet Ministers announced so far.

Let me now heartily congratulate the fine young gentleman who is going to be Sierra Leone’s youngest Cabinet Minister, the 32 years old MR. MOMODU MALIGIE, nominated Minister of Water Resources. This youthful APC strongman is only 32 years of age but he has already achieved so much including getting married to a beautiful woman and having beautiful kids (shown in this photo).


32 years old Momodu Maligie and his angelic children.


He hails from Bonthe District, Southern Province and was raised in Freetown and studied in America.

The physically well-built sports enthusiast was confident as he spoke to me shortly after his nomination was announced. Listen to him as he speaks to the youths of Sierra Leone:

“Do not allow anything to hold you back least of all your age. Regardless of your age, if you prepare yourself well, in terms of education and attaining maturity; if you work hard to be competent in the things that you do, the opportunities will surely come your way,”
Momodu Maligie exhorts.

As I stated earlier, this 32 years old is indeed a matured, well educated, responsible father and husband. He holds a Bachelors with Honours in Government & International Relations from Lawrence University in Wisconsin, USA and a post-graduate Masters in International Commerce & Public Policy from Valparaiso University in Indiana, United States of America.

After university, he worked as a Management Consultant in America and later in Jamaica before he decided he would come back home to contribute to nation building. On his return to Sierra Leone, he worked as Senior Manager & Head of Customer Service at NASSIT and later as Head of Global Corporate Services at Standard Chartered Bank in Freetown. He later quit working for others to join the great All Peoples Congress (APC) and start active politics within Bonthe district.


Together with the dynamic and formidable Ms. Miatta Kargbo, nominated Health & Sanitation Minister, who is also in her mid-thirties, His Excellency President Koroma has smoothly satisfied the suggested 10% of youths in Cabinet. With 19 full ranking Cabinet Ministers announced so far, two are youths in their thirties. I salute you my President! I am so proud of you my leader.


Youthful Nominated Health & Sanitation Minister Miata Kargbo in action last weekend; surrounded by youths

In the case of Miatta Kargbo, as the next Minister of Health & Sanitation, she will be supervising a huge chunk of the National Budget. Miatta Kargbo is a distinguished lady with impeccable academic credentials such as a Masters in International Business. She hails from very distinguished proud stock. She is the daughter of the late Bockarie Kargbo, a famous banking executive who died some thirty something years ago in a road accident. She was raised by her mother and step-dad, Lucy & Duvanette Davies of the famous VANCYVILLE ENTERPRISE.

If you saw the youthful Miatta’s performance when she was Presidential Adviser on Health at State House, you will agree that youths and women have all reason to be proud of President Koroma’s appointment of her.

Indeed, congratulations to the youths of Sierra Leone for attaining your 10% target in Cabinet in the persons of Miatta Kargbo and Momodu Maligi. President Koroma has done it again! He has made the APC proud once again.



I notice a few people grumbling that they did not want some “old folks” in the Cabinet. Well, there are quite a lot of Cabinet Ministers in their forties. And even the TRC Report clearly states on Page 165 of Volume II that given the “lost years” of war, the country makes adjustment for the youth age upwards. So, surely folks in their forties are not “old”.


Additionally, we have to pair up EXPERIENCE & MATURITY with YOUTHFUL INNOVATION & ENERGY. So, please try to show understanding. Why start on a clean slate and have to be teaching everybody what Cabinet entails? We need the new blood to mix with the old, experienced hands. The 70 years old J.B. Dauda is going to be showing cabinet ropes to the 32 years old Momodu Maligi. And though Dauda is 70 years old, he will be deputised by an energetic youthful Sheka Tarawalie (Shekito) to enforce wishes of J.B. Dauda.

Apart from Shekito, there are many youths in the Deputy Ministerial positions. A youth like Mahmoud Tarawalie of Port Loko who is in his thirties, can only enhance the youth’s interface with the Ministry of Education which handles mainly youths. Another young gentleman like brilliant medical doctor Dr. Abubakarr Fofana (my classmate at medical school) as deputy to Miatta Kargbo will ensure brilliant innovation in Health sector.

Ladies & Gentlemen, you voted for WORLD BEST because you trusted him. Please continue to trust him.Personally, I have a lot of confidence in him and his present Cabinet make-up has only strengthened my confidence in him. He has given us the 10% Youth presence as recommended by the ad-hoc TRC lobbyists.

Let me also most confidently say that the Cabinet is a work in progress. There are issues at hand which demand certain persons to continue at certain positions for a while before they are re-deployed out to other strategic positions. Please be patient. WORLD BEST knows what he is doing and I know what I am saying. Trust..!

Some faces are no longer in Cabinet but it does not mean they are out of Government. There are roles for them in the diplomatic missions and also in advisory capacities.

I note a lot of “noise” has been made over the so-called absence of a Kissi man in the Cabinet. This was rather loud over last weekend’s popular Monologue radio programme. First of all, J.B. Dauda is partly Kissi and partly Mende. Also, the Cabinet is still being constituted. President Koroma still has more names to release. My Kissi people, especially of the heavily deprived Kissi Kama chiefdom, please be patient. You Kissi people voted for WORLD BEST because you trust him. Continue to trust him. All is not over yet.


And finally, to the people of Port Loko (voted 90.2% for Koroma) & Tonkolili (voted 92.6% for Koroma) whom are unhappy that Pujehun has two full-rank ministers (Moijue Kaikai and Vandy Minah) plus Southern Province Resident Minister, Muctaru Conteh (a bonafide Mende who hails from Potoru, Pujehun) whilst Port Loko only has Alpha Kanu and Tonkolili only has Minkailu Bah, can I please ask you to reflect on the fact that there are far more positions in governance than just Cabinet Ministers?

Please continue to trust our WORLD BEST. This is your Government. Trust it! This is your President. Trust him!

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