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Time to take Sierra Leone back from Lying Hate Mongers
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (Officer of Order of the Rokel)
Jan 11, 2013, 17:20

Sorie Fofana & Umaru Fofana are amongst those who thrive on Chaos in Sierra Leone because they know they cannot compete or survive in an Ordered, Civilised & Decent Society where value for the truth is supreme. Latest gimmick is to stir Tribal hate by publishing dangerous lies...

Many people have been asking to read the 8th January 2013 GLOBAL TIMES article of Sorie Fofana which sparked the proactive stance of the Head of State in granting an exclusive interview to us this week to condemn tribal stoking in the media. We have today published the article verbatim today. Alongside it, is another terrible and similarly unfortunate article which was Umaru Fofana’s lead story on his POLITICO newspaper of 10th January 2013. It appears that now the plot to incite the Mendes has boomeranged, opposition media agents like Umaru Fofana wish to turn their attention to inciting the Temnes in the country. A most unfortunate situation.

Sadly, these fellows (Umaru Fofana and Sorie Fofana) are not Mendes neither Temnes but they keep on stoking these tribal sentiments to serve their hidden motives to perpetuate chaos in our country. This shameful and disgusting use of tribal tools to score political points must be condemned. We are going to henceforth name and shame the true enemies of this country’s peace and unity.


Umaru Fofana, President of SLAJ and Sorie Fofana, publisher of Global Times are amongst the enemies of this country’s tranquility and unity.


Sorie Fofana: crawled from the gutters and built a facade of civility but this easily peels off


Umaru Fofana: can't survive in an ordered society as his facade will be exposed so he thrives on chaos.


Umaru Fofana’s POLITICO piece is just unsubstantiated garbage meant to incite the Temne ethnic grouping so he did not bother to cross-check his facts and just rushed with it to press. Because the Mende tribal stoking had failed, these lying hate-mongers needed a new tribal tension to be raised up in our country. This is how they have kept this country on edge for so long now. The truth is suppressed and lies are promoted as facts. It is time to take the country back.


The fact is that the Head of State is a Temne born of a Temne father, Pa Sylvanus Koroma who was Mayor of Makeni Town Council. Also, apart from Alpha Kanu and Alimamy Koroma cited by Umaru’s poorly sourced and hastily written article, there are other full blooded Temnes in current Cabinet.


For example, the APC Government’s number 3 minister, Attorney General & Justice Minister Frank Bai Kargbo is a bonafide Temne of a Temne father, Pa Tinka Tanner Kargbo from Kunsho, Bombali and a Temne mother, Haja Mariama Fonti-Kanu from Buya Romende in Port Loko. Basically, Frank Kargbo was born in Lunsar of a Port Loko Temne woman and a Bombali Temne father. There are other Temnes like him whom have been labelled as “Limba-Loko”.


We have been reduced to publicly examining Frank Kargbo's tribal genetics because Frank Kargbo has been presented deliberately by Umaru Fofana as a Limba-Loko in President Koroma’s cabinet! And Umaru is supposed to be the President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ). Yes indeed, SLAJ President is a tribal hate-monger.

There was a time in this country when we had respect for the truth in the media. We had a lawful, respectable media. Very soon, we will enjoy those days again in this country. We are taking Sierra Leone back from these Hate Mongers. They have enjoyed years of formenting chaos especially in their write-ups which have misled youths & foreigners. That soon ends.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is written by Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, outgoing publisher of this newspaper who will soon be formally going into politics to ensure a restoration of the country’s values for law especially in combating outrageous lawlessness in local media.

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