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In Sierra Leone, Hon. Musa Tarawally Passes MPs’ Appointments Committee
Jan 14, 2013, 12:12

alongside Diana Finda Konomanyi, Momodu Maligi, Muctaru Conteh, Theo Nicol and Ali D. Kamara on Friday January 11th 2013 thus joining Capt Alieu Pat-Sowe, Moijue Kaikai, Marie Jalloh, F.B.L. Mansaray, M.B. Atilla & Charles Rogers as first 12 to be approved out of the capable citizens so far nominated by His Excellency the President to serve as his worthy Ministers & Deputy Ministers


Hon. Musa Tarawally




Happy Day for Women & Youths


Youngest Minister, 32 years old Momodu Maligie is shown here up at Parliament last Friday shortly after Appointments Committee approval. He is flanked by youth leaders from opposition SLPP and ruling APC

Iron Lady Diana Konomanyi at Parliament flanked by Dr. Nemata Majeks-Walker and some 50-50 Women


Parliament Okays another 6 Presidential Nominees

By: Augustine Samba


Six  capable Sierra Leonean citizens who were appointed by President Koroma to various ministerial positions on Friday 11th January 2013 successfully went through interviews conducted by the Parliamentary Committee on Appointments and Public Service thus making up a total of twelve proposed Deputy Ministers, State & Resident Ministers as well as Full-rank Cabinet ministers who have so far been interviewed whilst their nominated colleagues are to face the same panel today the coming days.

The nominees were interviewed on track records, working experiences, taxation, asset declaration, nationalistic approach and creativity as well as initiative for their new jobs.


The Leader of the House, Hon. Sheku B. B. Dumbuya who also doubles as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Appointment, said the nominees were appointed by the President based on the dictates of the Sierra Leone Constitution but he told them that they were “nothing” until Parliament approves them first.

First to appear before the committee was Mr. Alie D. Kamara who was reappointed as Resident Minister North. The reappointed Minister's past performances pleased the panel, and was granted the permission to leave as he explained his new initiatives for the northern region.


The proposed Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Hon. Musa Tarawalie met stiff resistance by Hon. Dr. Bernadette Lahai of the main opposition Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP). Hon. Dr. Lahai who also serves as the Minority Leader in Parliament rained series of questions on the appointed Minister relating to the Shears Moses Enquiry and Report. Hon. Dr. Lahai said a government Whitepaper on the report proposed that the designated Minister was to be banned from politics for five years but that it never happened. Mr. Musa Tarawalie said all the allegations made against him regarding the Gendema incident were not true and further went on to say that during the SLPP regime someone was appointed a Minister on the same grounds. He was however able to lure the panel into a lecture pool on his new jobs and was quickly exonerated. He was followed by the appointed Minister of Local Government, Finda Diana Konomani who easily sailed through. Hon. Eric Komba Koedeyoma of SLPP representing Kono, appealed to his colleagues on the panel that the woman was the first and only Kono woman to become a full Minister and therefore he did not want her to be entangled with too many questions unless absolutely necessary. Madam Diana Konomanyi eloquently took the oath and was able to not only convince the panel but also excellently dealt with all questions posed on her amidst laud applause  by members of the 50-50 Group led by Madam Nemata Majeks-Walker who accompanied her to Parliament.

32 years Momodu E. Maligie appointed Minister of Water Resources engaged the panel with youthful exuberant. His initiatives and creativity were seen by many present as being excellent. He spoke eloquently of how he intends to inundate every house with safe drinking water in the country. He also assured that households will be ready to become friendly with service providers and that revenue will be increased.

Many youth  leaders across political boundaries accompanied him to the House of Parliament.


Muctarr Conteh appointed Resident Minister Southern Province was commended by Hon. Koedoyoma of the SLPP for being one of those Mendes who had patiently stayed in the All People's Congress (APC) Party to date. Mr. Conteh said he will make Bo become one of the most peaceful cities in Sierra Leone and he will ensure the Southern Province sees the benefit of unprecedented propsperity. He also assured that he will improve on sanitation and will ensure that the women are empowered.


Mr. Theo Nicol, proposed Deputy for Communication and Information said he will work hard to ensure credibility in the practice of journalism. He also promised more training for journalists.

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