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In Sierra Leone, Freetown Mayor Empowers his Female Deputy
By Augustine Samba
Apr 22, 2013, 12:16

Mayor of the Freetown City Council (FCC), His Worship Mayor Franklyn Bode Gibson has been hailed for his remarkable leadership style that has seen him delegating important responsibilities to his female Deputy Mayor. According to investigations recently undertaken by this reporter, Mayor Gibson has on several occasions delegated key responsibilities to his Deputy, Councillor Mrs. Hannah Jaiah. This has enabled her to prove her mettle despite she might be seen as a member of what used to be called ‘the weaker gender’. Mrs. Hannah Jaiah is meanwhile showing that her Mayor’s confidence in her abilities is not misplaced.


Investigations prove that during Freetown City Council meetings held in Freetown recently, His Worship the Mayor delegated key responsibilities to the Deputy Mayor. At the 80th meeting of the 3rd Council of the City of Freetown, held at the Wellington Community Center in the east end of Freetown on 7th March 2013, Mayor Gibson asked the Deputy Mayor to single-handedly oversee and ensure that all the committees within the Council implement recommendations made to the Council.


In this meeting also, the Mayor instructed all the committees to work directly with the Deputy Mayor in addressing these recommendations, whilst further noting that it will be the responsibility of the Deputy Mayor to abreast the Council on any development with regards the recommendations and the committees.


In addition, the Mayor, during the same meeting instructed that all subsequent committees that would be formed within the Council must be placed under the purview of his able female Deputy. In pursuance of this responsibility generously granted to her, at the 81st Regular Council Meeting of the 3rd Council of the City of Freetown which was held at Kroobay Community in Freetown on 11th April 2013, the Deputy Mayor stood up and updated the Council and the general public on developments made so far by all the Committees under her purview with regards the recommendations made at the 80th meeting, in fulfilment of Mayor Gibson’s request.


The female Deputy Mayor informed the meeting that currently, one of the committees is writing down the list of names of staff that are to be redundant as was recommended earlier on in the 80th meeting. At the same meeting at Kroo Bay, the Mayor again asked the Deputy Mayor to head the Committee on Education during planned visits to all schools within the Freetown municipality, assess their operations and give feedback to the Council whilst he would head the visits to hospitals within the municipality.


The Deputy Mayor was also assigned with the responsibility of officially receiving an international delegation that will be coming into the country from Turkey to hold discussions with the FCC.


According to sources familiar with the operations of the FCC over the years, the current leadership style of the new Mayor is a welcomed breath of fresh air especially his impressive efforts to be transparent in his dealings and to also empower his female deputy.

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