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In Sierra Leone, Trade Minister Launches Mutzig Beer
By Edward Tommy
Oct 8, 2013, 17:10

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Usman Boie Kamara over the weekend officially launched Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) new internationally certified Mutzig Beer at the Miatta Conference Hall in Freetown.

The minister said Mutzig is one of the international premium brands of Heineken International; which is the parent company of Sierra Leone Brewery Limited.He said Mutzig is already a very popular beer brand in other African countries, adding that Sierra Leone Brewery is working to achieving its vision statement of contributing to the development of Sierra Leone.

Minister Boie Kamara stated that strategically Sierra Leone Brewery has catered for the drinking needs of Sierra Leoneans, with the provision of quality products with international standard.

He stressed that his presence at the launching ceremony was a testimony that government supports their operations, and commended them on their recent certification by the International Standards Organization (ISO). He said the launch of their water treatment plant was an indication that the company is ready to meet their vision of catering for the drinking needs of all Sierra Leoneans. He indicated well wishes for the company in its move to satisfy the drinking needs of its customers.

In his statement earlier, the Managing Director of Sierra Leone Brewery Limited, Mr. Willy Ngana said Mutzig is the world best in beer that stands for quality and respect. He said the market in Sierra Leone is characterized by competition based on quality and standards, whilst confirming that Mutzig beer will win the market and occupy its rightful place in the beer world.

Mr. Ngana said Mutzig is brewed to satisfy the taste of consumers with passion for a stronger and more refined and bitter beer.

He revealed that the ingredients used for producing Mutzig are malt, water, cereals and hops, whilst stating that the launching ceremony underscores the company’s continuous commitment to brewing excellence. He further informed that his company has over the years been partnering with the government of Sierra Leone in the area of development and expressed optimism to maintain such relationship.

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