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Last Updated: Oct 20th, 2008 - 12:38:34 
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Mohamed Koroma: APC’s Hero
By Abdul Karim Kabia
Oct 20, 2008, 12:23
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It is no news that the Ministry of Information and Communication is one of the most impressive, excelling and performing ministries in the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) government, which has contributed both nationally and internationally in selling the ‘positive’ image of the red administration and in complimenting ‘development strides’ of the country. Infact, a school of thought is of the strong believe that this ministry is rated apex as far as performance is concerned in relation to His Excellency’s performance contract signed with Ministers.

Deputy Information Minister, Mohamed D. Koroma: APC’s Neccessary Evil

This ministry headed by two elegant and seasoned veteran journalists Sierra Leone has ever produced, in the persons of Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo and his energetic and excelling Deputy Minister Mr. Mohamed D. Koroma, (aka Mohamed Champion) have incalculably developed the once neglected and non performing ministry to the satisfaction of both the President and the citizenry.

Say what you may, but the fact remains that this ministry has been developed to a peak that information gap in the country is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

In exhibition of dedication and commitment towards the progress of the Ministry in particular and the country as a whole, both Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo and Mr. Mohamed Koroma are on a 24 hours alert in terms of information dissemination and revitalization of the communication industry in the country.

Let me now take this opportunity to single out Mr. Mohamed Koroma, who unlike other deputy ministers, is always at the forefront of seeing things done the proper way and all other significant achievements the Information and Communication Ministry currently sheltered. No joke!

The fact remains that Alhaji I.B Kargbo is intellectually ripe when it comes to issues of granting exclusive interviews with local media practitioners and that of defending the Ernest Koroma led government with passion, but when it comes to the real administrative work of that ministry and other issues that has to do with bridging gaps of misunderstandings within the government fold, Mohamed Champion always stands tall and excelling.

Practical examples of Mohamed Champion’s interventions in quelling down strike actions that would have resulted to embarrassing the red administration are on records, not to talk of his no nonsense stance in that ministry.

This is no praise singing, but as the saying goes: "Give praises where they are due."

As a no nonsense Deputy Minister, he is sometimes regarded by non performers as a stumbling block to activities which are of no national interest. He is sometimes called the APC’s necessary evil as he is always steadfast in inspiring timely actions and progress, no matter how difficult the task is or what it cost.

Lending credence to my assertions about this worth admiring Deputy Minister, one only need to be in the Tonkolili District Headquarter Town of Magburaka this past Saturday 18th October 2008 to glimpse how Mohamed Champion was hailed with thunderous applauds and jubilations for his laudable and exemplary efforts in collaborating with other stakeholders, including the sitting Member of Parliament in Magburaka, in actualizing the provision of a radio station for the township.

It could be recalled that during the time President Koroma was promising the people of Magburaka a radio station, it was Mohamed Koroma who His Excellency introduced to the people of being the man to actualize the dream. Now that the township is boasting of a modern radio station, Mohamed Koroma being hailed by the people of Magburaka came as no surprise.

"Actualizing the dream of a radio station in the township of Magburaka is really a pat on the back for Mohamed Koroma," a section chief in the district commented.

Similar sentiments were also raised by most locals in the township who even described the Deputy Minister as the hero for bringing life to the people of Magburaka.

Say what u may, but with all these achievements and more, Mr. Mohamed Koroma is surely in the good book of His Excellency the President.

Keep up the good work Mr. Champion.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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