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Last Updated: Oct 20th, 2008 - 12:31:49 
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Reproduced By Popular Demand:Hindolo Trye Violently Urinates On SN Brussels Flight 238
By Our International Investigators
Oct 20, 2008, 12:21
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Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma’s nature that makes him believe that despite public outcry over retention of some of his redundant cabinet ministers, he can still continue to keep them as our national representatives, is causing increasing embarrassment for this country.

The latest has been another urinating misbehaving spree in mid-air by his Tourism Minister Hindolo Sumanguru Trye who is currently strapped in a ward under psychiatric observation at the St. Luke’s Hospital in Belgium.

Trye, who had to be forcibly restrained in mid-air in the early morning hours of yesterday September 24th 2008 on an SN Brussels flight (SN 238) that took off from Freetown via Dakar to Brussels, was on his way to meet his boss, Ernest Bai Koroma at the United Nations in New York with plans to continue with Koroma’s delegation on to Washington DC. There are already at least seven members of the Cabinet in New York and Hindolo Trye was to have added to this already huge number.

Hindolo Trye: Took Credit for the Urination on Belview Flight to Nigeria

Extensive investigations conducted by this newspaper reveals that Trye was sitting in the Business Class section of the plane alongside the likes of Financial Secretary, Sheku Samsudeen Sesay and members of the IMF mission to Sierra Leone who were returning to Washington DC. Also on the flight were AIG Chris Charley, Dudley Davies, MacMun Mustapha and a whole host of other Sierra Leoneans and foreigners. The flight took off with no hitch and the trip from Freetown to Dakar was uneventful.

It was shortly after take off from Dakar that Hindolo Trye, who was sitting in Seat Number 3A next to Sierra Leone's Alternate Director at the IMF, Mr. Sam Itam (who was in Seat 3C), started to entertain his fellow passengers with his strange antics. The other passengers which included a Belgian Consul and a relative of the SN Brussels Country Manager, saw Hindolo suddenly jump up and down on the plane, thrashing around. Before the passengers could absorb the full impact of what was happening, Hindolo Trye had started to urinate around the plane. At this point, our information is that Sam Itam jumped away and changed seats to another seat whilst the foreigners who were part of the returning IMF mission watched in shock and awe at Sierra Leone’s National Tourist wonder.

After a while, Hindolo Trye seemed to recover and was overheard by our sources pleading to some of the other passengers in the Business Class Lounge not to divulge what had happened to him on the plane. Our sources inform that he proceeded to drink orange juice until a second and even more violent attack hit him just about one hour before the flight was to land in Brussels. At this point, he became uncontrollable on the flight leading to the flight attendants forcibly restraining him.

Upon landing, he was removed from the plane by Belgian authorities in a bounded up state to keep him under control.

Ambassador Christian Kargbo and Protocol Officer Kanu (a relative of Presidential Affairs Minister Alpha Kanu) were at the airport on hand to receive the delegation only to learn that ambulances and security personnel had whisked Hindolo Trye, (who was tightly bound to restrain him) straight from the plane to the nearby St. Luke’s Hospital in Belgium.

Awareness Times’ sources inside St. Luke’s hospital confirmed that Trye was admitted into their Emergency Department but declined to give further details. We were later to learn that Trye was being treated by one Dr. Meert who advised that Hindolo Trye’s condition necessitated for him to be placed under constant psychiatric observation. Hindolo Trye, who had been checked in from Freetown all the way to New York and later to Dulles Airport in Virginia, was thus unable to continue with the trip to meet Ernest Koroma in America.

As at press time, Hindolo Trye was still hospitalised and was still kept restrained and was bound on to his hospital bed in Belgium.

It will be recalled that this is the third time such is happening with Hindolo Trye. The first time had been reported on by Premier News Newspaper and involved mid-air strange antics on a BMI flight which forced him to be offloaded at Casablanca before the flight could continue to London without him. In the case of the second incident, which had been reported upon by this very newspaper, no-one had known exactly who was the urinating minister until Hindolo Trye himself, in a recent interview published just last week, took credit for the un-named person mentioned in that second incident story.

It was only after Hindolo Trye publicly took credit for that particular disgraceful urinating incident that many citizens (including this newspaper) shockingly realised that he was possibly the urinating culprit on board a Belview flight bound for Nigeria. During the interview, Trye had stated he was suffering from a "strange sickness" that sends him unconscious on planes.

The latest incident on board an SN Brussels flight now makes it a total of three times he has acted bizarrely in mid-air. The question now on many lips is whether Ernest Bai Koroma understands the saying: Three Strikes and You Are Out?

Efforts to get the Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abdulai Bayraytay to shed some more light on this international disgrace all proved futile yesterday. He promised to call back after he had more information from Belgium but never did.

For members of the public however, the news has been received with derision and contempt. Hon. MacCarthy of Constituency 5 spoke to Awareness Times on the issue yesterday. He informed that he learnt of Hindolo Trye’s behaviour from a foreigner who had been on board the plane and who telephoned him all the way from America.

"I am so ashamed. It is pathetic and an international disgrace. It is irresponsible for President Koroma to continue to keep this man as our Tourism Minister and allow him to travel on planes to represent us. It is like the President does not seem to care about the damage being done to our beloved country’s image," Hon. MacCarthy lamented.

Another prominent Sierra Leone diplomat remarked wittily that should Ernest Koroma wish to continue to keep Hindolo Trye in his Cabinet, it would be well advised for Trye to henceforth travel by sea if he had to attend overseas trips.

"This is the only way I see out of this dilemma. Ernest Koroma can continue to keep Hindolo in his Cabinet but let Hindolo now travel by boat to London to save us from the shame," the retired diplomat told Awareness Times adding that Hindolo could leave one month in advance of any international meeting he had to attend so as to give him enough time to traverse the oceans to whatever destination he was heading to.

We are keeping close tabs on this National Disgrace of international proportions.

A Senior APC Government Functionary In Drug Mess
Originally Published on Thursday May 15, 2008

A reliable source from Nigeria has intimated this press that a senior member in the Ernest Koroma led APC government has made a nauseating mess of himself while on an official trip to that country recently. The government functionary was leading a delegation to the Federal Republic of Nigeria on behalf of Sierra Leone when he came under a spot light by grossly misbehaving on board the flight bound for Abuja.

According to sources, the government official was spotted sniffing a substance believed to be cocaine. Little did the other passengers know what the official was up to until when he did the unexpected. After allegedly sniffing the powdered substance, he was said to have abruptly got off his seat and started shouting as if demon possessed. Thereafter the source continued, he briskly undressed himself remaining only with his birthday clothes and started urinating indiscriminately on the other passengers to their utter consternation.

A state of confusion reportedly ensued as people were bewildered by the indecent act of the head of the delegation. In the pandemonium, the other passengers, mostly Nigerian nationals surged forth on him and gave him several snap shots with their mobile phone cameras.

According to the source, he was whisked off on arrival at the Air Port and handed over to the police. Upon investigation, it was shamefully discovered that the man was a senior functionary in the Government of Sierra Leone. He was then accordingly turned over to the Sierra Leone High Commission in that country. Given the nature of the bizarre behaviour, the authorities advised that he be subjected to mental observation. He is said to be currently at one of the mental homes in Nigeria.

The conference would probably go on without his presence as head of delegation though the other members would be in attendance.

It could be recalled that in the not too distant past, the Minister of Tourism and Culture in this same government was engaged in similar act en route to London. According to Premier News that reported the incident, the Plane’s course had to be diverted to Las Palmas where he was deposited to find his way back to Sierra Leone.


Whilst the identity of this urinating APC functionary was not known at the time of this report’s first publication, Hindolo Trye has since publicly claimed credit for the bizarre behaviour on board that Belview flight but he denies that he had been using any form of white substance or cocaine. He says he suffers from a strange sickness and not from cocaine use.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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