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Last Updated: Oct 23rd, 2008 - 16:23:21 
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“When You Invited Me to Your Feast, You Ate All Up…”
By Kef Dukulay
Oct 23, 2008, 17:02
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“Now is my turn to clear the porridge off because nature designed my mouth to eat on plates,” so said the hare in revenge to his friend’s greed, the long beaked bird. The latter befriend the former for his peculiar features. Whilst the hare, by nature designed, is beakless, it is otherwise with his friend.

“This long God-given beak indicates shrewdness,” the bird cunningly thought. He decided to deceive his friend by inviting him to a sumptuous feast at home. “You have indeed proved your friendship, though of different breed,” he said, “for it’s but rare for a bird and a four legged animal to dine together,” Mr. Hare said in appreciation for the friendly invitation. He kept empty stomach fear of undermining his appetite. The next day, he prompt achieved comrade bird’s homestead. With such tantalizing aroma from the kitchen, the hare was sure to eat to his fill. No extra provision was however Mr. Hare, for he was to eat from a long-necked jar with host. Dumb founded, visitor stood lost to himself, while long-beaked host sucked the jar dry.  “Can’t blame me, it’s our eating pattern,” he ridiculed his invited guest.

Next was the hare’s turn. “Invitation from my dear friend? I will attend with pleasure.”  Fickle headed former host now becomes the guest. He was accordingly introduced to family members. This meant that comrade was to dine directly with host. The long-beaked friend sat patiently. When food was served, it turned out to be on plates. “By nature designed, we entertain ourselves and all good friends on wooden plates,” vengeful hare declared. “But you know I am long-beaked…, what if…?” the bird kept on finding his voice until hare licked the plate dry.  “When you invited me to your feast, you ate all up. Now is my turn,” he laughingly told the bird.

The above fable illustrates the form of revenge tactic the APC wants to play. The APC is clearly telling his SLPP friend that no matter how friendship may be feigned; the party is always poised to revenge against the SLPP. 

To me this is all what the Commission of Enquiry is about. ‘You invited me but ate greedily, so you must pay for that greed.’ This unfortunately, may be the re-introduction of a vicious circle in our nation. We have known Commissions of Enquiries that had merely sought to widen political divide. In the late 60s, SLPP set a Commission, APC returned cased assets; NPRC bulldozed in the 90s and set same, but SLPP returned ceased properties when they came to power. I thought that would have been the end. At least an institution has been set up to look into greed-the Anti-Corruption Commission. So has the ACC no role again to play in weeding out corruption? (Not even with the sharp teeth his Excellency has, by statutory instrument inserted into its mouth?) A commission of enquiry with muffled terms of reference leaves many to wonder what the future holds for democracy and national cohesion

Soon the proceedings of the Commission will start getting public attention through the media. So our new host wants to tell us that his SLPP friend will not even glance into the jar until the food gets eaten up.

There are burning issues that our attention must not be diverted from for a mere commission that will carry us nowhere.  Let’s consider what the ACC has said about the NPA contract with Income Etectix and the billions government has ac
crued in debts. Let’s talk of the massive sackings of perceived SLPP members/ supporters rendering valuable national services. Let’s talk of sacred cows who have reached retirement ages even as the APC was getting to one year in power, but are being kept in office. “Any way, I am not your in-law, we are mere strange bed fellows, I can shake up NPA management and other places with impunity, but I’ll surely leave that parastatal because the boss is my ‘branlaw’.” But we will continue to see if this regime is always there to spit on the floor and leak back. “We are not removing people on political grounds, only for gross underperformance, but because nature designed kingship, we have sacred cows.”  “I will not set a Commission of Enquiry, but when voluminous Transitional Team’s report is deemed unsubstantiated by the ACC, “we are now ready for a commission.” This is a ‘volte-face’ with lots of ugly political implications that has the bird and the Hare friendship effect.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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