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Last Updated: Oct 24th, 2008 - 16:59:25 
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SLPP Support Spreads Over America
Oct 24, 2008, 17:22
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APC - America & Ambassador Bockarie Stevens grow ‘Jittery & Nervous’ as...:SLPP Support "Spreads Like Bush Fire" in America

Reports monitored by this media house from the United States indicate that support for the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) as an alternative to the current ruling All People’s Congress Government is "spreading like bush fire". If news reports monitored online are anything to go by and based on the scores of emails we have been receiving on the subject, it appears that the APC in North America is getting slightly jittery as the SLPP support base spreads.

Lawyer Augustine Falley SLPP Chairman,United States

This APC nervousness was unwittingly unveiled during a recent interview granted by the APC appointed Sierra Leone Ambassador to the United States of America, H.E. Ambassador Bockarie Stevens. In what has been termed as a "jittery reaction" to the SLPP’s "fast growing support", the Ambassador forgot his diplomatic status which dictates that he takes the moral high ground and avoids friction-creating divisive and partisan exchanges.

The Executive of Latest SLPP Branch in Dallas, Texas

Rather than assign an administrative civil servant or Press Officer to undertake partisan comments against the SLPP’s support base, the Ambassador took upon himself to bring undue attention to the growing effectiveness of the SLPP’s publicity team in America by elevating a reaction that a mere junior officer should have undertaken to a high level ambassadorial reaction. The abrasiveness of the direct attack on the SLPP’s successful propagation of news, raised quite a few eyebrows when it was published.

Alpha Saidu Bangura

In turn, the SLPP’s Publicity Secretary in America, Alpha Saidu Bangura directly took on the Ambassador on an Online Discussion Forum as did another SLPP supporter in America named Ahmed Collier. We will publish the Ambassador’s Interview where he blasted SLPP-America and the sharp and sarcastic reactions of SLPP supporters in America in our next edition. According to the SLPP supporters, the Ambassador and APC supporters were just "jittery and nervous" and so were now "seeing shadows where there was light".

Musa Kamara

The Ambassador in an interview with the pro-Ernest Koroma Cocorioko Newspaper had damned the SLPP’s branches in America for "politicizing" the high maternal mortality in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Patrick Kagbeni Muana: An SLPP Strategist in America

On Sunday October 12, 2008, the WASHINGTON POST  had a special Feature on maternal deaths in Sierra Leone, which was revealed to currently have the highest rate of maternal mortality in the world. Ambassador Stevens blasted that even as the article "not augur well for the country", it was wrong for the SLPP to "politicize the issue" as he alleged. However, SLPP Executive members in North America have hit back that they never politicized the issue but that the Ambassador was just jittery over the growing popularity of the SLPP which they say is now "reclaiming its lost credit that APC propaganda in America had taken away"

Former Police Inspector General, William J. Siaffa seats with Edie P. Vandy and other SLPP Stalwarts

"We did not write the Washington Post article that indicts the worsening state of health after one year of Ernest Koroma in Sierra Leone. All what we did was to draw the attention of Sierra Leoneans to that article. Why blame the SLPP now for what appears in an independent newspaper like Washington Post? The Ambassador is jittery and he is losing it," SLPP Strongman, Musa Kallon said in a telephone interview with this paper from America yesterday.

Sparko, the erstwhile SLPP Chairman in North America with the current Women’s Leader & Friend

Meanwhile, as stated earlier, under the leadership of the newly elected SLPP North America Chairman, Lawyer Augustine "Boss" Falley, hundreds of dedicated SLPP members have either returned back to the SLPP Family or have joined up anew. The latest branch of SLPP supporters to be launched in America is that of the Dallas, Texas Chapter which follows the recent launching of the SLPP Chapter in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

The Old are sure of a generation that will replace them. Here, young SLPP Members are shown in Canada during Launching of Manitoba’s Branch

According to Musa Kamara, the SLPP’s Organizing Secretary in North America, a favorite saying of Chairman Fallay is that "it is not the mouth of the boaster that says he belongs to the strong breed" and so he has steadily implemented a crucial program of recruitment and expansion of the SLPP’s base of support in North America.

According to the online news reports, Fallay has continued the consistent policy of expanding the party’s base of support in North America by inducting yet another chapter - SLPP, Dallas, Texas Chapter. The event and ceremony took place on Sunday, October 19, 2008 at the Radisson Hotel in Dallas where the Chapter officially registered their membership with the North America region. Dallas is home to one of the largest Sierra Leonean communities in the USA.

The regional Organizing Secretary, Mr. Musa Kamara officiated at the ceremony. Mr. Kamara extended greetings from the regional executive and congratulated the newly formed executive for doing a great job. Mr. Kamara also discussed and emphasized the need for aggressive recruitment and retention of new members. He also stressed to the Dallas Chapter the significance of their new role as models and agents of a resurgent and vibrant SLPP in North America, which they must take very seriously. He encouraged the newly formed executive to work very hard and take the SLPP to another level. Mr. Kamara assured the executive and their members that the Federation executive led by Chairman Fallay is ready to assist the Dallas Chapter as and when necessary or required. "Dallas Chapter can always count on me with the rest of the regional executive for assistance," the Organizing Secretary assured the membership. Augustine Fallay, Chairman of the SLPPNA called to congratulate the Dallas Chapter with a pledge to work fervently with them for the development and strengthening of SLPP both regionally and nationally.

Mr. Solomon Hindowah Sengbe Pieh, a native of Taiama, Kori Chiefdom, was appointed Chairman of the Dallas, Texas chapter. Mr. Pieh expressed the need for all ethnic groups to be represented in the party. "We must change the face of our leadership and define our goals and objectives as we move towards 2012. SLPPNA must not, and will not sit on the sideline anymore!" he confidently asserted adding to his listeners that "Suffering a second year of APC misdirection, Sierra Leoneans are already seeing the slipping away of the many freedoms brought about by the SLPP".

According to Sengbe Pieh, the SLPP "cannot continue sitting back and doing nothing while the peace and unity that the Party left behind continues diminishing". He appealed to SLPP supporters to be conscientious Sierra Leoneans and so ensure that the SLPP does not allow all the effort and hard work the Party developed to disappear through what he termed as "the mismanagement-led APC".

Sengbe Pieh insists that since the APC took power, "tribalism has reared its ugly head with unhealthy venom and unforeseeable repercussions". Sengbe Pieh said for Sierra Leone to move forward, it needs to be united as one country and one people.

"A united front does not support tribalism and ethnic manipulations for political domination. We must come together as Sierra Leoneans and be prepared for a change come 2012!" Sengbe Pieh ended.

Similarly, reports indicate that the launching of the new Canadian Branch of the SLPP in Manitoba engendered enthusiasm for what Organising Secretary Musa Kamara says are "the core values of our party that have set this party apart from the current APC in North America"

According to the confident Musa Kamara, "the APC membership is shrinking fast because of disgruntlement of one sort or the other whilst the SLPP is fast expanding into new states and provinces all over North America"

"SLPP is showing its strength and existence as it is currently in a massive political and membership drive overseas that has attracted hundreds of Sierra Leoneans and other distinguished personalities during official launchings of various new chapters in North America," Musa Kamara promised

Meanwhile, the secretary general of SLPP – Canada Chapter, Victor A.M Kaicombey greeted and welcomed all Sierra Leoneans and guests of the occasion for honoring such a unique program as a historic journey towards sustainable development back home. "The building of human resources is a vital staple in any development drive and therefore urged the massive audience to see this official launching as capacity building as we follow to win the next presidential and parliamentary election in 2012", Mr. Kaicombey declared.

Mr. Kaicombey further sent a strong message to all Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora to see reason to come together and build their motherland. He said the emerging SLPP was full of young and professionally qualified people who should not encourage corruption and should be prepared to always unveil corrupt practice that dent development drives in our country.

In a recent telephone chat with this newspaper, the SLPP North America Chairman has vowed that before 2012, the popularity of the SLPP all over America will be at an unprecedented high level.

"SLPP is going to sweep the 2012 Elections and the APC knows this. That is the only reason why they are so jittery and nervous and falsely accusing my team ut we are confident and we are not going to look back until we bounce back and take over governance in 2012," SLPP Chairman, Lawyer Augustine Falley told this medium.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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