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COMMENTS & OPINIONS : Moiie's Column  

The Messiah Has Come As Barrack Obama
By Morikeh Fofana
Nov 12, 2008, 17:06
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Judaism, Christianity and Islam mentioned the coming of the messiah. Can this be Barack Obama?

The Author

Two things have happened in my life that have made me not to care about the coming of the end of the world if I dont have to see it.

The one is the election of Nelson Mandela as President of apartheid South Africa. I had a heated argument with my late cousin, who was a major in the Republic of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF); then later on becoming principal of the Government Koyeima Secondary School for Boys. In a social gathering, he told me that South Africa will never be ruled by Africans let alone have an elected African President. Mandela became the President of South Africa under a black majority rule but my cousin by then had passed away. May his soul rest in peace.

Now, the greatest of all political acts in the world is the election of Senator Barack Obama from ILLINOIS as President of the United States of America, the most powerful country of the world. Barack Obama is of Kenyan African ancestry just like most Americans are European, Asian, Spanish, Italian, Jewish, Arab etc ancestry. It is only the Amerindians (Native Americans) that inhabited America before the "arrival" of Christopher Columbus, a Spanish navigator on a mission for the King of Spain.

Africans were brought to the United States of America (The New World) as slaves to be used as workers in the cotton and other plantation fields. But let all people of colour forgive white America now. Africans will not ask for any more reparation. YES, they have wisely paid Africans. Obama is enough. Let Europe do likewise especially Great Britain (U.K.). There are so many Barack Obamas. But the U.S.A. is a great nation and will continue to be by choosing Barack Obama. Kenya is in the rift valley where anthropologist Leakey found fossil hominids of the earliest separation of mankind from Apes in the Olduvai Gorge. So Barack Obama is not only president of U.S.A., but president of mankind.

This means that the world and that includes Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Cuba, Bolivia Venezuela, Syria, Iran, and Russia. He will bring the whole world together in peace and restore once more that dignity that the US had almost lost. What a wise choice the US has made to choose Barrack Obama who is a descendant of Leakeys discovery to lead a great nation.

Doctor Martin Luther King is not here today to witness that grand occasion that he had yearned for a time when blacks as Americans would not be judged by the colour of the their skin, but by the content of their character. This mega country has given so much to the world, new ideas, thoughts, innovation and technologies and has raised itself higher than it ever has and has freed itself from the past to free itself and the world from the greatest and most powerful LIE ever that the colour of the skin determines anything about a person. A LIE that offend common sense and human dignity. America has proved them wrong by electing Barack Obama, an AfricanAmerican as president of a great democracy who belonged previously to a disenfranchised and marginalized minority group under that infamous JIM CROW LAW.

Where are the following who took another line of struggle? I will start with TOUSSAINT L OUVERTURE, leader of the first successful African revolution in 1791-1804 in HAITI, the new world BOOKER T. WASHINGTON, MARCUS GARVEY, W.E. DUBOIS, C.L. R. JAMES, CLAYTON POWELL, EDMOND WILMONT BLYDEN, MALCOM X, I.T. A. WALLACE JOHNSON, BAI BUREH, members of the underground railroad, Ghanas Queen YAA ASANTIWA, OSAGYFO KWAME NKRUMA, AHMED SEKOU TOURE, JULIUS NYERERE, KAMAU NGENGI (MZEE JOMO KENYATTA) KWAME TOURE (STOKELY CARMICHAEL), AMICAL CABRAL, PATEL of Kenya, SAMORA MACHEL. They must be having a big party. May their souls rest in perfect peace. What you fought and prayed for has happed.

OBAMAMANIA is felt over the whole world. Some even say that Barack Obamas support is 4:1 in Europe and other countries. Africa is ninety nine percent supporting except for Sierra Leone where Omar Fofana, the BBC stringer stated over BBC in London that Makeni is for McCain and Bo is Barack Obama (BO). Makeni is the provincial headquarter town in northern province and it is the stronghold of the present government The All Peoples Congress (APC) Bo is the provincial headquarter town in the southern province and it is the stronghold for the opposition The Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Like all Fofanas of the Iman clan and the descendants of a WALIYU a win for Obama is a win for SLPP come 2012 because Bo is to SLPP as SLPP is to Bo. Makeni is APC as APC is Makeni. Did I hear that "PUAWUI" is a very distant cousin of Barack Obama? The senior Obamas birth place is in

NYANZA, KISSIMOU province, Kenya Ten Bulls were slaughtered in a village of three thousand six hundred, a cluster of journalists national and international that the Kenya government had to send heavy security to Barack Obamas grandmother who does not seem to know what was going on.

But of course, there are still "house niggers" who did not support Barack Obama just as how they decided to stay with their slave masters even when slavery was abolished and given them freedom. They will continue saying YESSA MASSA I love you. Let Africa and the rest of the world pray for the success of Barack Obama.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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