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Last Updated: Nov 23rd, 2008 - 18:15:56 
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My take on Congress Boysí Charge at President Koroma
By Saffah Kaikai Banyah
Nov 20, 2008, 17:26
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Authorities and their novices at the Sierra Leone Muslim Congress Secondary School situated at Kissy Mess-Mess in East-End of Freetown I suppose should at the moment be more focus at the huge pile of academic challenges confronting the institution which need to be addressed by principals of both Junior and Secondary Schools, rather than to be laying blames on His Excellency the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for what you and your pupils claimed to promises he made during his visit to the school early this year following a running battle with police which left police vehicle and the school damaged.

To start with, let me in the first instance humbly remind the author of the lead story on the front page of Wednesday 19th November 2008 edition of The Exclusive newspapers; STUDENTS BLAST PRES. KOROMA, that while in opposition and even now President Koroma was the only politician that used to meet people in crisis. A case in point was when he visited the scene of a collapsed house at Manfred Lane off Kissy Road, which cost lives and property worth millions of Leones added to it was also, his sympathetic call on victims of a tree accident that occurred at the City Road Market Wellington all in the extreme suburb of the capital coupled with so many other solidarity calls has been making on people when normally they are faced with trouble, was all done to demonstrate how he sympathizes with the people of this country when once disaster occurs.

Now to the accusation by the Sierra Leone Muslim Congress Boys proper, it is no secrete that learning materials and infrastructure in the said institution were either deliberately destroyed by pupils themselves or unconsciously damaged by both the police and the gang school-boys that are being tamed by the school during the course of their confrontation with the securities. So, in as much as I am not challenging what the one sided author Mohamed Kai, I also want to let it be clearly known him and those he is trying to defend in his article that is, the Junior Secondary School Principal Mansaray, that President Koroma has never promise the Sierra Leone Muslim Congress as institution but made a pledge of resolving fracas between the Police and pupils of the said gang-taming school and shortly after his visit on campus, the whole matter was brought under control.

To cut a marathon issue shorter, I expect the principal, Mansaray and his boss to be putting final touches on papers by preparing pupils for the approaching first term examination so that the school can placed in a better position for this academic yearís Basic Education Certificate Examination, instead of inciting pupils to be making derogatory statements in the newspapers against the President. Afterwards, we all know what happened at the Sierra Leone Muslim Congress polling station during the Presidential and Parliamentary and I personally know the interest of the two principals.

Of course I know that you people were in full support of the then incumbent but what principals of both shifts should bear in mind is that they should move away from party politics, work like real civil servants and redirect attention on how best to change the negative public perception about their school once more.

Finally before I pause my pen for now, my word of caution for you guys as heads of a learning institution is that party politics is over and you now faced with a role to play to push your country forward with special reference to your school in various ways, so please!!!!!! Stay focused on your professions. Do away with what has to do with promises made by the President. Afterwards, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is not the first and only leader that has promised the country let alone to talk of your lies in The Exclusive newspaper; but he is the only leader that has started delivering on his promise.

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