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Last Updated: Dec 1st, 2008 - 13:42:22 
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Awareness Times News Briefs from Sierra Leone
By Awareness Times News
Dec 1, 2008, 12:48
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Tombo Youths Raid Radio Station

Angry youths of Tombo Village in the Western Rural District reportedly invaded the community for station, FM 96.0 in protest over a press release that they allege is not in their interest. The act which has received wide condemnation from the Independent Media Commission (IMC) and other media stakeholders left the station in limbo, with the carting away of the two transmitters, a generator and other equipment. According to reports, the youths were angry over a press release purportedly sent in by one councilor Ajibu Suwaneh demanding the suspension of all standing ward committee to which most of the youth belong. Other report says the youths are angry with the station manager and board chairman for allegedly embezzling millions of leones belonging to the community radio.

NaCWAC Re-unifies Street Children

Local tabloids have intimated that about 60 street children in Freetown have been rejoined to their respective families by the National Commission for War Affected Children (NaCWAC). This exercise, reports continue has been largely successful due to a relentless effort to get rid the streets of Freetown of street children within the past couple of months by NaCWAC official. Those kids proven to be on school enrollment were reunified with their families with package of personal effects, school subsidies ranging from Le. 100,000 to Le. 200,000 each. They were at first given intensive care at the Family Homes Movement facilities at Lakka where the sick were treated and detraumatised.

City Council Police Beat Man 63

Ruthless Metropolitan Police boys, mostly accused of thugery in the discharge of their duties are alleged to have molested an old, frail man and taking two of his dependents into illegal custody. The incident which reportedly took place few days back at Fourah Bay in the east end of Freetown was over the cleaning of a gutter. The metro police are said to have descended in the old man when he allegedly refused to obey cleaning of frontage orders. His son and housemaid, said to be a lactating mother were reportedly arrested for insulting conducts as well.

Press Attaches Yet to Take Office

A novel institution created by the APC Government is gradually becoming a white elephant project. Those journalists and other media practitioners with appointment letters in their possession as press attaches to various Sierra Leone overseas missions are yet to take appointment in their various stations. The pessimism is rapidly turning to resignation as it is more than a year now since the appointments were made on paper. Even after a recent elaborate workshop to school them further on their assignments, the hope of their departure is just too slim.

Cottage Medicos Say No to Free Service

Doctors at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital or Cottage at Fourah Bay Road have reportedly challenged proposed recommendation from the Health Ministry to render free services to pregnant women at the hospital. The idea to introduce free medical service to these life givers by the ministry is to curtail the high prevalence in maternal deaths due to accessibility to prompt medical attention for lack of money. The doctors are however, reluctant to implement the policy because of poor conditions of service. They are quoted as saying in a recent meeting that until their conditions are improved by government, they can not offer free treatment. Enough medicines and equipment have been reportedly supplied to the hospital to facilitate services including caesarian operations, but the impact is not felt.

Rise in Teenage Pregnancy a Concern in Kenema

Report of increase in teenage pregnancy, most of whom are school going girls in the eastern headquarter city of Kenema has raised serious concern among politicians as well as other stakeholders. This worried development has reportedly warranted councillors and other local authorities to embark on a community sensitization project on the negative effect of teenage pregnancy on national development. The sad part of the issue is that most of the girls aged between 14-17 years are being impregnated by their male peers who are not supportive of themselves. They have reportedly called on the gender ministry to intervene.

Minister Dams Dishonest Principals

The Minister of Education, Youths and Sports has reportedly accused school principals of dishonesty and unnecessarily over registering candidates for public examinations. He was making strong reaction to the poor performance of students in the last BECE and WASCE examinations. Dr. Bah was quoted as saying that principals are in the habit of registering second timers as fresh students, leaving the financial burden on government that over the years has been paying for first time BECE and WASCE candidates. He also accused them of admitting failed students on exorbitant costs to the detriment of quality education.

ICB Assures Customers

The management of the International Commercial Bank of Rawdon Street has reportedly assured customers of their monies safety at the bank. This assurance is said to have followed a recent theft of Le. 260m from the banks safe by hired private security personnel and cleaner. The management is reported as saying that the bank is doing legitimate business in the country covered by insurance.

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